Slovenia’s Lake Bled and a Bow Wow Castle Keeper

Mishka and owner Kate Piaskovskaia

Mishka and owner Kate Piaskovskaia

Just in, the best paid gig in the world for dogs has just been announced by The lucky winner, and master, gets a €100,000 euro job guarding a Slovenian castle. You read that correctly. Some luck dog (read on for more puns) is going to spend some dream-time on Lake Bled, and paid dream time at that.

In need of a caretaker dog, and a supportive owner person, a fabulous Slovenia castle on magnificent Lake Bled may be the coolest place to look after on Earth. Though the contest dialogue does not specifically state it, apparently the Bled Castle in the center of one of the world’s most picturesque landmarks is the grand prize job for one soon to be bow wow gatekeeper.

Project The Dream Job For Your Dog” has led pet owners of the world to Slovenia, and much to the benefit of the Slovenian Tourism Board, not question. For more info on visiting Slovenia, click here.

Bled Competition

Leda with owner Judit from Komárno, Slovakia – courtesy Lord of the Castle

Be advised, there’s already some stiff competition going on our readers should be appraised of. Mishka, and Belorussian owner Kate Piaskovskaia (top left with 4306 votes) show the quality of photographic and aesthetics excellence already in the competition. Other contestants like Leda, and owner Judit (above) already have over 3000 votes, suggest the votes are not all piling up because of the dogs. If you’ll forgive the pun here, if these competitors for the dream job are examples of what Slovenia hospitality has to offer, the country sure isn’t going to the dogs only.

Our own associate and author, Alina Popescu, has already entered the contest with her super smart castle keeper Ares. A PR expert and author in her own right, as she says at she and Ares’ recently created Lord of the Castle profile of wolfin woof woof power:

“He’d be a perfect fit to be the Lord of Bled Castle. Well, at least he sounds scary enough!”

This, speaking of the Swiss Shepard’s formidable wolf-like countenance and stamina, but those who know Ares might more aptly associate him with teddy bears. However happy and fisky he may be though, intruders at Bled Castle should be duly deterred from dastardly deeds. As you can see below, Ares makes for a striking figure even when he’s only guarding a tree in the forest.

Ares and Alina

From Ares and Alina’s profile at the contest site

Contestants for this job in paradise will have to jump through some hoops, of course. has created a circuitous route to choosing the “top dog” and owner for some super prizes. The video below will get you going entering your pet, or should I ssay, “pets enter your masters?”

Be sure and visit “Lord of the Castle” to find out more and to enter.

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Igor Falshin


  1. Kate Piaskovskaia says

    Yes, the contest is inspiring!! :-) :-) :-) I wouldn’t say that the competition is so stiff since the context of the contest is very positive – love for dogs, nature, travelling and broadly speaking, love for life :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) Thanks to Phil for the nice article and kind words!!

  2. Phil Butler says

    @Alina, this is a fascinating and innovative marketing bit, one of the best I’ve seen in some time. They should have hired Pamil Visions to do the media outreach :) Oh well, you can’t beat free press I guess. All I know is, you and Ares would make super cool castle guardians.

    Here’s hoping the best dog wins – we know who the best owner is already. (and Ares is the pretties dog too).

    Cheers Alina,


  3. Alina Popescu says

    It’s one of the most interesting contests I’ve seen in a while. Ares and I are positively thrilled :D Thanks for letting us know about it!

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