Social Media Awareness: 14,000 Diabetics Test Blood Sugar Simultaneously

social media awarness

Social media awareness initiative for diabetics: if you have diabetes join in and test your blood sugar levels at 4 pm ET on July 14 to help raise awareness about testing blood sugars regularly.

Sometimes the social media is nothing but hot air; a wild goose chase; a purposeless display of wills and wants. Sometimes the use of social media is pushed to undesired extremes – like when you get requests from people you never met, but who you call “social media friends” or “followers”, to vote for a story you obviously have no interest in; a story that brings no actual value in your life or the lives of the others for that matter.

Yet somehow, sometimes, the social media surprises, like in the case we are about to discuss here.
When you live with any disease for over 35 years you obviously know everything there is to know about it. Many people live with diabetes, but not many have an initiative like Kelly Rawlings’ who has lived with type 1 diabetes for 35 years. Kelly and are trying to raise awareness about diabetes by challenging people touched by the disease to test their blood sugar simultaneously today, at 4:00 pm ET.

Over 14000 people worldwide will test their blood sugar simultaneously, and share their results online through a social network for people with diabetes, as well as through its sister Spanish language social network,

“People with diabetes have to test their blood sugar as part of their daily routine: it’s like drinking water or brushing your teeth,” said Manny Hernandez, co-founder of and a person with diabetes himself. “When Kelly mentioned having a collective test-in, I thought it would be a great way for thousands of us to connect and raise awareness about diabetes.”

More than 250 million people worldwide are afflicted with diabetes – initiatives to raise diabetes awareness are rare compared to other diseases. is trying through this initiative to increase the community on the site and also to use the opportunity to shed more light on this chronic condition.

Participating in this initiative to raise diabetes awareness is easy:

  • If you are a member of TuDiabetes or EsTuDiabetes, click on the home page banner and share your reading.
  • If you have a Twitter account, post your reading on Twitter (use the #14KPWD hashtag) and link back to:
  • If you prefer, update your status on Facebook or your preferred social network, linking back to:

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