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Socialkik is one of those relatively controversial companies that sell Facebook fans, Twitter followers and YouTube views. The company was founded in 2009, and although it didn’t get the attention of the mainstream media yet, it already has a few positive reviews from affiliate marketing experts like Ian Fernando and the successful Jonathan Volk.

We were offered a few months ago 1000 Facebook users to “test” and review the service. At the time, our Facebook page had no other followers than a few personal friends in my private network – the page was virtually invisible, and only 2 weeks old. The plan was to hire a Facebook community manager to develop a strategy that would bring Everything PR’s Facebook fan page in front of those users who are really interested in what we write about. We considered, at the time, that an experiment with Socialkik couldn’t hurt and we agreed.

Socialkik began delivering fans in no time, and to my surprise, they were exactly what the company promised: real people, who participated actively in discussions (although the percentage was relatively low to start with, and the interest was mainly in postings related to the Twilight Saga). The demographics stats below show where these fans came from:

Facebook demographics for Everything PR

The experiment was successful in terms of getting a number of followers in a relatively short time, and if numbers are what you want, using a service like Socialkik can be a good start. But there are other things we learned from this experiment:

  • You can buy followers, but you cannot buy their interest – if what you have to say is not compelling enough, the numbers are just numbers. There will be no real interactions, no “social networking” in the real sense.
  • You cannot speak about having a community when its members are silent and don’t interact with you or with each other
  • Having a large number of followers has a psychological effect on others who will follow automatically, even when they don’t really have any interest in what you have to offer. However, these followers are again just numbers.
  • A Facebook fan page only makes sense if it creates a community interested in your business. If that community also contributes to your ROI as a business, the purpose is achieved. If it doesn’t, it’s just a waste of time and money.
  • Creating a community, nourishing it, making it grow and, in the end, making it participate and help you grow your own business, takes time. Nothing happens over night (sure, unless your name ends in “utcher.”
  • A community will not interact with automate messages. They need to know that there is a person there ready to talk to them. If you don’t provide that kind of dialogue, everything else is meaningless.

So if you want to use a service like Socialkik to “kick-start” your fan page, or to have that psychological effect that brings more followers, feel free to do so. But don’t expect the fans or followers you bought to magically start buying whatever there is that you sell. Don’t expect them to come there and do your work for you. Buying followers is often the “easy way out” – but there’s no value in numbers without the human touch.

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  1. says

    I think it is really useful to buy followers and users on the early stage. This helps attract other users. Because no one wants to follow the page with no followers. It means something is wrong. The rule of the crowd works in cyber space the same way as in real life. Of course, after buying followers you need to insure that your content is good.

  2. says

    Hi there, this is Tony from Socialkik. Your review is valuable to us because we know how we can improve our service and move forward. I just have a few remarks. We accept payments through Paypal, so that our customers can get the Paypal protection on their investments. So it is in our interest to fulfill their orders asap to keep them satisfied.

    Obviously, we can’t satisfy everyone. And in the case of the review mentioned in the comment above, we have over-delivered fans to the customer in question and he has promised to update his review, which is something we’re still waiting for.

    Now back to your review, I especially liked the last bulleted point where you mentioned avoiding automated messages. There are many other best-practices when it comes to managing a successful facebook page. That is not something we offer now, but maybe in the near future :)

    Meanwhile, you can check this presentation for tips on how to make your facebook page interesting:

  3. Martin L. says

    Thanks for this great article… I check out and I must admit that I’ve been looking for a service like this for a long time.

    I totally agree with Mihaela and Liliana about the “psychological” effect. We ordered 10,000 Facebook fans from and once they added them, we noticed that our Facebook page went viral from there… visitors were more likely to like the page since we had over 10K fans and so much interactions and comments on the page.

    Now that our page has over 18K fans, I must say that if it wasn’t for Socialkik 10K fan boost, we would still have around 500 fans, and eventually lose on so much audience.

  4. Mihaela Lica says

    Thank you for the information, Soulja. In my opinion, Socialkik is only good to boost the numbers and get that “psychological” effect Liliana was talking about. We wouldn’t buy followers, because, without real interaction, there is no community. There’s always a risk that comes with shortcuts, people should understand that. Companies that sell Twitter followers and Facebook fans cannot possible deliver quality. Think about it: for those “followers” to matter, they’d have to be paid by the company to actually participate. Does the company in case has so many employees to deliver such a service? Impossible. So, as you see, buying followers is not something we would recommend.

    Now, this review, followed a free offer from Socialkik, and to my knowledge, they delivered what they promised. But if they cannot keep promised to customers who actually pay, then the service has a big FAIL all over it.

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