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As of 9:30 AM EST this morning — Stats Squared will be inviting a small amount of users to begin and test the new product. This will be a private beta that you can sign up for here. The private beta will be free, and there will be some TBD specials for those users of the beta for when the paying product is released. Stats Squared and its first product release, the Twitter app is shooting for a 2/1/2011 launch date of the open beta, where the beta will open up to all users.

Per its announcement blog, Stats Squared means business:

“Analytics and competitive analysis were never the cute girls in school — but we are about to give them a makeover that would make Adriana Lima bad!”

One of the co-founders and CTO Stephen Gregory explains the main goal for @Stats Squared:

“We aim to collect more and more data aimed around the starting point, the link. Then determine the best ways to analyze that data, continuing to evolve in our methods to help the users of Stats Squared succeed. By understanding the data, users can better increase the likelihood of success with their social media, marketing and advertising goals.”

Entrepreneurs could spend years, blood, sweat, tears, and money just to have one of their ideas hit a single. Not the home run that Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter or hell even Groupon are. But to create anything that can sustain success is difficult, so entrepreneurs have to learn to be happy with the singles, doubles and occasional inside the park home run. One of my brightest mentors ever once said to me, “We need to teach you how to make money Ryan. You’ve got ideas that mean you’re special — but we need to teach you to create multiple channels of revenue to allow you the flexibility to keep swinging for the fences.”

According to James Litton, another of the co-founders and COO, that’s exactly what they plan on doing: laser-line focus on money making products, both for the user and Stats Squared. For those who get invited to the private beta, there is going to be a flood of releases too.

“We already have three or four scheduled. As a competitive analysis tool, we expect our first analytics product release, the Twitter app, to show exactly what we can do.”

Stats Squared aims to be an analytics “shop” of sorts, that you turn to for analyzing and understanding the data around your company, clients and competitors online.

Stats Squared believes that data is only going to get bigger. Furthermore, there is no true ceiling for it when focused on the internet and click-through rate, marketing, advertising and the overall effectiveness of campaigns. Finding creative and marketable ways to analyze the data focused on links is a growing market.

For the 5 guys from Indianapolis, Indiana — the feedback they’ve received far and wide has been amazing, to say the least. “It’s awesome to see how easily people grasp the power of Stats Squared just by looking at a single interface. Especially when they learn they can also track their competition,” says the co-founder and VP of Product Brandon Corbin.

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