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Bollywood’s Top Public Relations Firms

Bollywood'sTop PR Firms

Don’t you just love all the different genres you can find in film and stories these days? Have you enjoyed more than one Bollywood film? The dancing, the colors, the music, the festive feeling – what’s not to love. Well just in case you are wondering, here are some of the top PR and Media […]

Bollwood PR: Minissha Lamba Hot – Sofiia Hayat Cold

Minissha Lamba

If ever there were a celebrity cat fight in the making, Bollywood seems to be churning with opportunity. A new bombshell import, Sofia Hayat, reportedly blurted out the fan favorite Katrina Kaif is talentless. Comparing herself to Bollywood’s reigning queen may be a strategy, but whether or not it is a good one remains to be seen.

Aruna Shields and Bollywood Class Morality

Aruna Shields everything-pr

Director Pravesh Bhardwaj is having his troubles making a film about middle class morality from the celebrity morality standpoint. Finding a Bollywood actress willing to do a nude scene, in a film about women doing nude poses is like finding a needle in the haystack. Actress Aruna Shields understands the importance of nudity to this significant film evidently. But, is it okay to cross this morality barrier? Only the audience can say.

Bollywood Actress and IPL Ambassador Shilpa Shetty in the Fast Lane


Shilpa Shetty is the topic of more news stories today than President Obama. The Bollywood actress is apparently into everything from India’s Premier League cricket to reality TV and on to new Bollywood movie projects. If there is a more active celebrity anywhere, we have not noticed. Shetty is even on Twitter tweeting her public relations. This is life in the fast lane.

Rising Actor Naresh K, Grabbing the Keys To Bollywood

Naresh K

Everything PR News interviews rising star Naresh K and his manager Naila Mughal. This striking model and actor reveals a little of the dedication it takes to make it to the top in any field. As entertainment news people, it is our pleasure to reveal such new talent to the world of movies. For readers, we think you will see this young actor very soon in a theater near you. Let us know your opinion.

Bollywood’s “My Name Is Khan” Center of Controversy


My Name Is Khan, a much anticipate Bollywood and Hollywood collaboration, falls under the shadow of civil unrest before its release in Mumbai. Protests over the film’s star, Shahrukh Khan’s, support of Pakistani cricketeers threatens to hurt the release in Indian cinemas. The worldwide release of this wonderful film is scheduled for this Friday.

Bollywood’s Katrina Kaif Says No Kiss Kiss

Katrina Kaif takes a stand on her career and her beliefs. Bollywood’s most famous actress has reportedly told producers and directors she will no long do scenes in which she had to kiss her costars, or wear bikinis and other revealing costume. She also made a statement about her belief in herself and the keys to success.