Austin, Texas Issues Clean Air Marketing RFP

austin texas marketing

The City of Austin, Texas is seeking an agency  to develop and implement a  marketing campaign focused on increasing the willingness of the general public to take actions to reduce ground- level ozone forming emissions. The desire is to develop a marketing campaign to implement during the ozone season that occurs during the months of […]

Custer County, Montana Issues Marketing RFP

Custer County, Montana Issues Marketing RFP

Montana’s Custer County is seeking the professional services of a marketing/advertising creative service agency to provide: advertising and collateral; web services; social media planning and execution; and publication development. The county’s comprehensive marketing program is designed to promote the tourism region as a travel destination to state, regional, national and international markets.

Your Word as Your Biggest Marketing Asset

Your word as your biggest marketing asset

It’s unclear if the world of business was ever a “handshake” world. It certainly plays well on classic TV, and it offers fond memories of The Way It Was Then, but, regardless, it’s certainly not that way anymore. But should that mean the only thing defining your reputation is the letter of the law? Not […]

Kane County, Utah Issues Advertising Focused RFP

Kane County, Utah Issues Advertising Focused RFP

Kanab, Utah, the county seat for Kane County, is centrally located right in the middle of TEN (10) of America’s greatest scenic wonders — making it the perfect base camp for exploring, hiking, boating, photography and adventure! They have issued an RFP for video production companies to develop advertising and promotional content for Kane County.

The App That Does It All: JetSmarter

The App That Does It All: JetSmarter

In today’s on-demand economy, travelers have the choice to book anything from cars, boats, home rentals and now, private jets. Some wealthy people who are maximizing their lifestyle worldwide are joining JetSmarter, the country club of the sky.

Arkansas Issues Wide-Ranging Marketing Tourism RFP

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism (ADPT) has for comprehensive advertising and marketing services. ADPT is looking to identify a marketing communications firm with a proven record of success in the travel and tourism field to serve as champion for both the Arkansas brand and that of Arkansas State Parks, bringing new visitors to […]

The PR of Taking a Stand


There’s nothing particularly new about people standing up for what they believe in, even when there could be terrible consequences. Nelson Mandela spent years in a third-world prison, and Rosa Parks sparked a positive change for countless lives. But 2016/2017 may well go down as the years of “taking a stand.” Some of it was […]

Reanimate Nonprofit Fundraising with PR

Reanimate Nonprofit Fundraising with PR

In 2017 we’ve been living through a lot of turmoil and public crisis, from the Syrian situation, all the refugees, and fervor over undocumented aliens, to the Presidential election from hell (no matter which side you were on, it was an emotionally bloody seemingly never-ending battle). There’s been rioting and protesting in the streets almost […]

What Libraries Can Teach About Low-cost Branding

Using Consumer Reviews and Influencer Marketing to Boost PR

For centuries, libraries were the only place you could go to gather large amounts of information, but the internet age, with Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, and other sites, has changed that. The other thing true of libraries traditionally is they’ve almost always had to operate on a limited budget, at least the public ones. Now, for […]