Got Dystopia? The Bookstore Sure Does!

Got dystopia The bookstore sure does!

Fiction sales go through trend cycles just like any other kind of fashion. For a while Westerns were all the rage. Then Science Fiction or Mysteries, Fantasies or Chick Lit. These days, you can’t toss a bookmark in a bookstore without hitting a dystopian novel. From George Orwell’s celebrated work, “1984” to the smash hit […]

Disney’s New Gay Character – PR Hit or Miss?

Disney's New Gay Character - PR Hit or Miss

It’s not that Disney hasn’t had characters with some gay subtext before. They have; in fact, several of their villains seem to nod to a less than straight life, but LeFou, Gaston’s somewhat prancing and foolish (his name actually means the fool or madman) sidekick is the first character that is openly gay and making […]

This Bud’s Not for Boston

This Bud’s not for Boston

Even after the Supreme Court essentially legalized gay marriage nationwide, gay rights remains a hot button and contentious political issue. Some companies, like Starbucks and Chick Fil A, have come out strongly on one side or the other of the issue. Others have been a bit more circumspect, donating to this cause or that one, […]

Pawnees Sue Oklahoma Over Earthquakes

Pawnees Sue Oklahoma Over Earthquakes

Native Americans have been in court with fossil fuel companies quite a bit lately. For the past few years, Sioux in the Dakotas have been fighting against pipeline projects they say endanger their water supply. Now, an Oklahoma-based Pawnee tribe is suing a number of oil companies, alleging that the severe increase in earthquakes is […]

PR Found in Entertainers Choosing a Political Side

PR Found in Entertainers Choosing a Political Side

In the middle of awards season in Hollywood, there’s been a lot of political side-taking going on. It started long before the Golden Globes and Meryl Streep’s Lifetime Achievement much viewed acceptance speech and pointing a beautifully manicured and accessorized finger or two at the current administration. She was called brave and heralded by her […]

What’s the future of gun sales in Trump’s America?

What’s the future of gun sales in Trump’s America

Conventional wisdom says with a gun-friendly President in office, gun enthusiasts will breathe easier and enjoy their hobby more. This should lead to increased gun sales in a, literally, trigger-happy environment. Others say the opposite is true. The perceived threat of President Obama sent gun sales soaring, and now the industry will have to figure […]

Elon Musk gets political

Elon Musk gets political

Vowing to take his concerns about immigration restrictions directly to the source, entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk says he will take his objections straight to President Trump. Is this announcement more bluster and PR theater from a CEO who has proven adept at grabbing headlines, or does the mind behind SpaceX and Tesla really plan […]