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Ronn Torossian is a busy man. He is the founder and CEO of 5WPR – one of the 20 largest independently owned PR firms in America. His firm grows quickly, and is one of the most diverse nationwide, consistently garnering tremendous results across a number of practice areas for his clients.

He also runs a family charitable foundation supporting global causes – focused on community, education, and healthcare – the foundation was formed as a way to honor his mother and the values she taught him. Ronn is an avid reader as well as writer, having penned a best-selling PR book “For Immediate Release.”

Torossian is a high-profile executive, regularly appearing in the national media as a voice of the PR industry, including regular appearances on Fox News, Bloomberg and other media outlets. He’s a born-and-bred New Yorker, something he sees as an advantage as New York remains the center of the media world – certainly relevant in the PR industry.

10 Leading Sports Influencers

In sports, the ones getting paid for endorsing products are usually the athletes, not always the ones at the top of their particular playing field though. Endorsements are not just about being good at what you do, but also being a good long-term match with a product or lots of products. Unless a brand is […]

Republican PR Firms Likely To Benefit From 2016 Elections

Which PR Firms Lose Ground After Trump Victory?

Nobody is going to argue that the 2016 political campaigns were filled with twist, turns, finger-pointing, mud-slinging, and more than one metaphorical fist raised in anger and frustration. That brought on a lot of long hours for those working from the PR side of campaigns, though many feel that President-elect Trump was in full charge […]

Finding Some of the Best Travel PR Firms

Travel PR

What’s not to love about travel, adventure, relaxing beaches and spas, water sports, skiing, beautiful cities, and ancient architecture? The thing about travel is you can find something to fit almost any taste or need. Even those who are homebodies occasionally love to visit family and friends who live far away. Travel PR doesn’t just […]

Ways For Pro Athletes To Recover From a PR Crisis

Ways For Pro Athletes To Recover From A PR Crisis

Let’s face it, collegiate and pro athletic stars have given too many examples of ways they can crash and burn outside of the playing field. Whether it is one who chose to punch his fiancée, get a picture taken using illegal drugs, sexting, or sporting a handgun – such choices can ruin an entire career, […]

Fox Winning The Trump Sweepstakes

Which PR Firms Lose Ground After Trump Victory?

Like him or not, Donald Trump is brilliantly utilizing media and Public Relations in trying to pave his path to the White House. Spending much less than even some of the also-rans, Trump is nearly even with Clinton in the polls and on the tip of just about everyone’s tongue. He’s been so masterful in […]

American PR Has a lot to Learn from the Russians

Russia Putin America Obama

Old rivalries die hard, and Russian-American propaganda rivalries stretch as far back as the beginning of the Soviet Union. In 2015, that rivalry still exists, and an increase in tensions between the two nations has sparked a rise in PR and propaganda from both sides. Russian propaganda has proven more effective in the 21st century […]

Pitch Review: How to Revise and Revamp your PR Pitch

Public Relations Pitch

For any business or organization, public relations is often one of the main keys to success. Having a good public image and interacting well with customers, clients, and others can go far in determining success year after year. However, as is the case with public relations, there are always times when certain campaigns fall short […]