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The Tampa Tribune reported on a sad story today, the shooting deaths of two more of the city’s finest. Police officers David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab were shot and killed during a routine traffic stop early this morning. People gathered at the Tampa Police Department’s headquarters to place flowers on a memorial for fallen officers. We seldom think about the peril policemen face in their everyday lives. So much is tilted to the negative, not near enough toward the good these men do.

According to the news, the names of Kocab and Curtis will be added to the memorial, joining 29 other officers killed in the line of duty since 1895. In case you know nothing of Tampa, the city has always been a have for those seeking a friendly community and great climate. Stories like this bring to the forefront the desperation and pressures placed on even the most peaceful communities in America.

Memorial for fallen policemen

Today mourners lay flowers at a memorial in Tampa

Suspect being sought in police killings. The officers apparently made a routine stop of a car bearing no license plate when they discovered the occupant had outstanding warrants for minor offenses, when the tried to apprehend the suspect, the man turned around and shot them both at point blank range. According to the latest reports, police are still trying to apprehend one Dontae Rashawn Morris, 24 (pictured left).

Our condolences go out to the families, friends, and comrades of  Officer Jeffrey Kocab, who leaves behind his wife, now nine months pregnant. Also, to the beloved of Officer David Curtis (seen top in an honor guard) who leaves behind a wife and four children. As a symbol of these men’s dedication, Officer Curtis is being kept on life support while his organs are being taken for donation. What a pity, how cheap life is to some, and the tragedy everyone suffers in senseless violence.

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