Techlightenment & Other Facebook Ad Wonders to the Rescue

tl Techlightenment & Other Facebook Ad Wonders to the RescueNow that Facebook ads are about to be “sprinkled” among our friends, it might be high time for businesses, all businesses, to consider options for getting their feet wet on Facebook. Advertising wise that is. A perfect lead in for companies like Experian’s Techlightenment it would seem, will be this latest trend on Facebook ad utility. Regardless of like-or-dislike on this one, marketers and advertising agencies are going to have to maximise the return, no matter what. Facebook serving up things differently will almost certainly demand new developing.

Enter a maze of companies like Buddy Media, Adaptly, and particularly Experian’s Techlightenment, to save the veritable day helping scores of business peeps keep pace with the competition, and the customer. Techlightenment just rolled out Alchemy 2 the other day, a superb platform that alleviates a lot of the pain associated Facebook advertising – and according to the company, garnering up to 80 percent better click through rates, while lowering costs per click and so on. I’ll leave off the in depth analysis, and let the interested reader read, but here are the gist of new features for Alchemy 2:

  • Rapid ad version development –  users can create thousands of tailored Facebook adverts in under 30 minutes
  • Rules-based optimisation – here users save time by automating up to 70 per cent of the manual processes associated with FB ads
  • One-touch budget management – Alchemy 2’s simple drag and drop slider function gives campaign managers improved ROI monitoring

Will Ashton (below right), Managing Director of Alchemy, had this to add via this press release:

“Alchemy was the first Facebook advertising platform to market in 2010. We have redesigned the platform for the release of Alchemy 2 to make it even more sophisticated and agile. As Facebook makes updates to its platform, Alchemy 2 is well positioned to be updated as near to real-time as possible, allowing users to make near immediate use of new features and ad formats”.

will Techlightenment & Other Facebook Ad Wonders to the RescueWith the advent of tools like Facebook’s Reach Generator, the daily developmental roll-out of g+ innovations, and almost continual Twitter tweaks, the simple fact of the matter is, no business is really geared to keep pace. Even our contemporaries in high profile digital PR and communications are nearly drowning in a sea of procedures and potentials – imagine having to keep pace with the very developers at Google! This is where the metal meets the meat, so to speak. Without advanced technology solution to solve technologies in SM, many businesses may find themselves dead in the water – cast adrift or sinking for not having taken the right life preserver.

New tools are fantastic, but taking the time to learn to use, and to implement them, can be a costly proposition. Luckily for B2B companies, this leaves some margin in there for intermediaries. This appears as if it will never change. For squeezing the most out of those Facebook ad dollars, Alchemy 2, Adobe’s Efficient Frontier, Social Clicks, and many other great superb products are available to help.

For more info on Alchemy 2, the reader can contact:

Alexandra Banks

Digital PR Manager, Experian Marketing Services

+44 (0) 7966102823



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