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Southern California Regional Rail Needs A Website

Southern California Regional Rail Authority

The Southern California Regional Rail Authority needs a new website. SCOPE OF SERVICES: Website Redesign –The following deliverables are required: Participation in discussions and analysis to determine the design strategy, including documentation of proposed designs. Estimation of time, materials, and support needed to complete the redesign. Integration and development with a new CMS. It is […]

Curt Schilling fired over Facebook comments

Curt Schilling Facebook

When it comes to public relations, there’s often a line between what IS okay and what SHOULD BE okay. Depending on the issue, that line could be wide, with plenty of gray area open to interpretation. But that’s not always the case, so it’s incumbent on a public figure to know where the line is […]

BlackBerry Hops on the PR Bandwagon


Once upon a time, when people thought of trendy technology in the business world, a BlackBerry came to mind. Yes, it’s true. But now? – not so much. While BlackBerry revolutionized the fine art of working from anywhere at any time on a phone, it failed to keep up with its own trend and before […]

4 Ways to Build Better Customer Relationships

Customer Relationship

Many people start companies to make a quick buck or big bucks. But without good customer relations, this is unlikely to happen. Customers who do not feel valued often move on to other alternatives. As a result, building a customer base represents one obstacle, but keeping customers is the next. Understanding Employees are Customers Too […]

GM Doubles Down on Self-driving Cars

GM logo

Self-driving cars may seem like some science fiction dream, but there are already companies using the technology in a limited capacity. Automakers are rushing to develop their own brand and hoping to corner the market. The latest contender: General Motors. The American automaker recently purchased Cruise Automation, a San Francisco-based self-driving vehicle company. The purchase […]

Media Monitoring Company Sought For Canadian Space Agency

The Canadian Space Agency

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has issued an RFP for “specialized media monitoring services in order to bring a regional and national dimension to its press review system and to help implement the communications program of the Communications and Public Affairs Directorate.” Work required: Monitor media on a daily basis, including Saturdays and Sundays, using […]

Integrated Media and The Evolution of Public Relations

Technology PR

Technology is a double-edged blade for major industries and their public relations. New technology disrupts and often distorts public perception of a product or brand. In the old days, newspapers, ordinary mail and “film at 11” were the mainstay. These kept the period between public engagement and production at fairly regular intervals. This meant mistakes […]