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Best PR Software For Results

New Hires

First, the list we share is not comprehensive, just a few ones to get you started if you aren’t already using them, and some more to try if you haven’t yet done so.  Here’s a few good ones: Prezly is a very popular program. The company was started in 2010 in Belgium. The software offers […]

Samsung PR vs. Apple PR vs. Cisco PR

Samsung vs Apple

When it comes to some of the most competitive industries in today’s market, hardware ranks near the top of the list. Following the happenings in this market bears a close resemblance to watching a television drama unfold. Some of the most notable rivalries over the years include Blackberry vs. Apple, Dell vs. HP, and Samsung […]

FitBit Feeling the Pain


FitBit, the latest healthy living craze is under some serious fire. Bad timing, considering the bump the brand got from Christmas sales. On the heels of a celebrated smartwatch reveal, company stock was sent tumbling when a class action lawsuit was announced. According to various media reports, stock shares dropped 18 percent when the news […]

Marketing and Public Relations in Automotive Industry

Automotive industry

The automotive industry offers one of the most lucrative aspects of PR. Here are five marketing and PR experts from the automotive industry: Yoichi Miyazaki, Chief Officer of the Marketing Division at Toyota In April 2015, Toyota made Yoichi Miyazaki its Chief Officer of the Marketing Division. Miyazaki originally studied economics at the Kanagawa University. […]

Florida Municipal Power Needs Their Intranet Re-Powered With Digital Media Firm


The Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA), a nonprofit, wholesale electric utilities and associated services company that serves 30 Florida municipal electric utility system members is seeking a digital media firm to re-design FMPA’s intranet.  The entity, according to Wikipedia was “created largely in response to the Arab oil embargo that hit the U.S. economy hard […]

Public Relations News Round-Ups

Huntsworth’s PR

Huntsworth’s Multitasking PR Finesse Grayling, Huntsworth’s PR flagship, finished its third rebranding in five years, and now claims to be ready to reverse its recent misfortunes amidst rapid change in the PR market. “This new identity was developed in response to client feedback, in consultation with our leadership team globally and using our own in-house […]

7 PR Firms Who Tackle PPC – Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click everything-pr

There are some PR firms who prefer to buy space on Google rather than appearing on Search Engine’s organically – utilizing Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) – and while its SURE that they don’t know the digital media world if they are communications companies buying space, here’s a few of them: INK Public Relations Co-founded by […]

Florida School Needs New Website & Social Media Agency

Frankin County District Schools

The Franklin County School District in Florida – which has over 1,100 students plans to redesign its current website to best serve students, staff, parents, and community members who need resources to support learning and information to help them access and navigate the district/school system. The redesign must simplify the content management system and streamline […]

NASA PR: Silencing Conspiracy Theories With Full Transparency

Nasa Public Relations

Almost since that historic day on July 20, 1969 when the Apollo 11 lunar mission landed on the moon, there have been those claiming it was all a hoax, possibly the footage even directed by none other than Stanley Kubrick. There have been movies, documentaries, sci-fi thrillers, and rumors surrounding that historic flight – and […]

The Stagwell Group: The $250 Million Dollar LLC

The Stagwell Group LLC Penn

The Stagwell Group LLC – a newly founded marketing communications company – has already reached an advantage in the marketing industry. They signed confidential contracts with as many as eight companies for the agency’s services set to launch in the fall of this year. A bit of trivia: The LLC is named in memory of […]