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The Stagwell Group: The $250 Million Dollar LLC

The Stagwell Group LLC Penn

The Stagwell Group LLC – a newly founded marketing communications company – has already reached an advantage in the marketing industry. They signed confidential contracts with as many as eight companies for the agency’s services set to launch in the fall of this year. A bit of trivia: The LLC is named in memory of […]

General Electric and the future of Big Data


Big Data has always been a big commodity, but many businesses are not sure how to capitalize on the benefits. General Electric, however, has found a way to not only harness Big Data, but also share with other companies. With Big Data becoming more and more essential, this strategy is something that can’t be missed. […]

How the LAPD uses Big Data To Enforce The Law


There’s no doubt about it, law enforcement in the 21st century is all about technology. Sure, police work still requires brave, smart, dedicated people to get the job done, but the tools they use to fight crime today are much different than they were even a generation ago. Case in point, more and more large […]

State of Indie Gaming

indie gaming industry

There was a point in recent history where movies, tv shows, video games, and books were developed and marketed by major corporations with big budgets. However, the internet and the rise in low-cost technologies, have allowed small and independent studios to create content that rivals those of the big companies. One industry that has benefited […]

Military E-Learning and Smart Devices – Militarizing Smart Comms?

Michael McCarthy

In a bit of interesting smart technology news, Defense IQ is about to hold their inaugural Military E-Learning & Smart Devices Conference. Representatives from the US, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia and Serbia are slated to attend.

Focused on the militarization of smart devices, apps and the cloud, Defense IQ’s first conference will deal with just how these technologies can be applied to training military personnel for e-learning and simulation in Europe.