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The Stagwell Group: The $250 Million Dollar LLC

The Stagwell Group LLC Penn

The Stagwell Group LLC – a newly founded marketing communications company – has already reached an advantage in the marketing industry. They signed confidential contracts with as many as eight companies for the agency’s services set to launch in the fall of this year. A bit of trivia: The LLC is named in memory of […]

WhatsApp Joins the Big Boys Club: 800 Million Active Users

whatsapp users

A new member of successful communications apps is now here – WhatsApp now has 800 million active users. This has numerous implications for everyone who is involved in marketing. Understanding Why the WhatsApp Revolution Happened The revolution of text meant that people did not have to pay for phone time in order to get a […]

Taming Mobilegeddon – Google’s Latest Mobile Algorithm Update

Taming Mobilegeddon

Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm, which has been dubbed the “Mobilegeddon,” descended upon the web on April 21. The Mobilegeddon demotes sites that are deemed not mobile-friendly in searches performed on mobile devices. Below are some tips to ensure your website is up to Google’s standards for mobile devices. We will also introduce several tools that […]

Future of YouTube and its Advertising Model

youtube ad model

YouTube is undoubtedly moving into a more advertising-oriented model. However, the basis of their advertising may be eroding. The company is in the enviable position of being the site that most people associate with high-quality video on the internet. The sheer profitability of their position is the reason why their stream has gradually become choked […]

Public Relations Acts as a Slingshot for Startups

public relations startups

  -Learn how using a strong Public Relations plan from the begginning, can help slingshot your startup in this guide by 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian- The use of public relations can mean the difference between a failing business and one that catapults to success. Public relations is the spread of information from your business to […]

How Millennials Consume the News

millenials consumer news

When Brian Williams, undoubtedly one of the highest paid and visible members of the traditional media world, had to apologize for blatant lies on his broadcast, his announcement barely made a blip with the Millennial generation. How is this possible? Millennials are not watching network news! Every business that is in the know understands the […]