The Best Marketing Machine Has A Human Pilot

In the marketing business, which is basically all about human interaction, making the best use of tools is a no brainer. Still, so few ad or marketing gurus actually optimize their potential. Why? The reasons are many, but all professionals are guilty of relying too much on yesterday’s successes. In today’s climate of competition it’s crucial to constantly monitor, evaluate, and adjust strategies and channels to win.

Ten years ago if anyone had told me I would be in the marketing business – well, I probably would have bonked them on the head, to be honest. My understanding of what all the communicators do was, basically BSing people into buying something. Okay, this is still what I believe some do, and I bet you think so too. The fact is, the best “selling” principles have nothing whatever to do with misleading people to someplace or something they do not want. Superior marketing goes hand-in-hand with superior products (or ideas) that people do want. The rub is, and always has been; “How do I tell people about this, and make them believe?”

The old saying, “Seeing is believing” is about as close to the truth as any “code” or sales dogma as it can get. The infographic below, courtesy HubSpot, shows some mechanisms and strategies for “showing” people. Pay very close attention to the machinery of automated marketing – and the transition at the end.

Understanding Marketing Automation

HubSpot Marketing Automation Software

The so called “sales funnel,” a term I actually hate because it just sounds too mercenary, is actually a critical component of your company’s marketing plan and potential for success. The key thing to take from this understanding of automated marketing is, “people do not actually mind automated marketing efforts – as long as the information is useful.” You see, the so called sales funnel is not just about driving people like cattle through a chute – it’s also about more-and-more refined engagement.

As the graphic suggests, human engagement, at key points of interaction, make all the difference for long term business. Sure, the old encyclopedia salesman will sell 50 sets today, but none in a year. By making your operation not only lean, but mean and meaningfully engaged, yo0u’ll drive your competitors crazy – and out of business in the end. There’s not only nothing wrong with automating tasks and outreaches – it’s a crucial element of success. Be aware though, value – all along the way – this is the bonanza you were waiting for. Most importantly though, realize and embrace that a “diligent and expert” human pilot is irreplaceable.

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