The Internet Phenomenon: How You Can Find Free Stuff Easily

It is a fact of life that getting something for free immediately makes it better. There is just a thrill in the whole idea, knowing that you managed to score something you can genuinely use without having to spend any of your cash. Which means more money for you and your family, something that can only be seen as a positive thing. The trick is finding freebies that are actually worthwhile; after all, getting something 100% off isn’t any help if what you are getting is junk.

You can find high quality freebies in many places, filtering out what you don’t want or need and still coming out on top. It might sound too good to be true, but the proof is in the pudding. People all over the world are already enjoying this hobby, and they can be as casual about it as they like. You won’t find tips that require you to spend too much time or effort getting free stuff in this article.

Here are easy ways to get free birthday meals, special discounts, electronic codes, free samples and products and coupons for both the web and in-store deals.

1. Join Restaurant Email Clubs

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Most restaurants have an email club you can join to get free birthday meals, discounts on your bill or free items like appetizers and desserts. They send out coupons regularly, and you tend to have between 30 and 90 days to use them. Tracking down what restaurants in your area do this (and are worth signing up for) can be a hassle. So try using a service like free birthday meals.

They allow you to search by zip code to find birthday promotions in your area. You don’t have to sign up to use it, though you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter or via email if you choose. They are a simple database with a third party link to the promotions page where you sign up for the restaurants club.

2. Find Free Kids Meals

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You can find quite a few restaurants and hotels that let children eat off of their menu for free with the purchase of adult entrees. There are several databases that track this, but the most complete I have found is My Kids Eat Free. In addition to letting you search for places nearby that offer free kids meals, they have tips for eating for less, links to family vacation destinations on a budget and more. They are affiliated with My Senior Discounts, as well.

3. Take Advantage of Free Shipping

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You will have noticed when buying on the web that shipping costs quite a lot these days. Anyone who has had to spend more than $10 per order knows the misery of trying to keep costs down when you are having to shell out so much to get the product to you. Which is why finding free shipping opportunities can save you so much money in the end. Amazon has Prime, which is well worth the annual cost if you buy a lot of stuff on the web. But they don’t cover everything. So check out Free Shipping, a site that keeps an eye on more than 4,000 stores for you to update whenever they have a free shipping deal going on. They also cover other coupon codes, like a percentage off certain items or orders. There is no sign up to use their coupon codes.

4. Freecycle

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You don’t always have to buy things new. In fact, buying new is often disappointing these days…so many products are cheaply made and don’t last long enough to justify the purchase. Instead of going for that new item, why not get a free one that has been used from someone else? Plenty of people are looking for others in their area to take products off their hands. You can also offer your own items you no longer need to free up space in your home. Sites like Freegle and Freecycle offer access to local groups that freecycle in your city. You can also find free stuff on Craigslist, in the classified section of your area’s database.

5. Join General Freebie Databases and Sites

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If you just want freebies in general, allowing you to select what products you want to try out, you can join more general sites that watch out for them. Free Mania is an emailing newsletter that sends out every weekday. It lets you know about free samples, items and coupons from different categories, like clothing, grocery and pet food. The Free Site has their own newsletter that they sound out regularly, though you can also add them to an RSS feed like Google Reader. Free Stuff Times posts what they have gotten for free and how the samples were, along with regular updates on contests, samples and more. There are a lot of ‘authors’ on that site, and you can become one of them. Hey, It’s Free! gives links to coupons daily, as well as some freebies I don’t see anywhere else. More obscure ones are common here.

Any sites you think are especially helpful for freebies? Have a few tips for our other readers? Let us know in the comments!

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