Another Side of European Travel – Europe After Dark [video]

Our travel focus has been on online access portals, and the business end of International destinations thus far. Today we want to focus on a European value not so often spotlighted, namely the nightlife. A new TV series will soon air called Europe After Dark, hosted by Sean “Hollywood” Hamilton – one of America’s favorite radio personalities, the show will reveal the party atmosphere on “the continent” for those in search of the best times.

I visited EAD’s Facebook space to get a better idea of what Hamilton intends to portray to the world, seeing as how we live in Europe, and it looks as if he and the show’s producers have tuned in on the pulse of the party crowd. At least for some people, that is. The show also boasts Evan Paley as the correspondent at the party, an enviable assignment no doubt.

a69 Another Side of European Travel   Europe After Dark [video]Word has it too, that the beautiful Eva Galani (below left), a Greek actress from Thessaloníki, may share the show’s spotlight. Galani (Facebook) was the co-host for the Greece production with Paley – a warm and beautiful addition. One thing’s certain, her face as the brand of Europe After Dark is light years ahead compared with Hamilton’s (sorry Sean – I like you – but you get it).

European travel, travel in general, brings to mind the cliche images of retired men and women, wearing their “tourist” outfits, sightseeing the ancient wonders – especially in Europe. This is not an untrue picture, it is true, but the other side of the Europe picture reveals something a lot more vibrant – the Europe-wide cultural atmosphere of good times.

The USA has nothing on Europeans as far as fun is concerned. What a show like Europe After Dark does is bring the reality of the places and people of Europe into your living room – your pub – where visions of latter journeys can be fabricated.

Europe is a dream for many in the States, but not as remote as it may seem. The same is particularly true of the night life, except of course that the evening stretches farther on the continent – okay – and maybe a little more interestingly too. What I love about Europe After Dark is that the show is not focused on pop culture or the over popularized nightlife of cities like Paris. That city is a marvel, but Eastern Europe and the breathtaking places and people there are highlighted too.

a71 Another Side of European Travel   Europe After Dark [video]

Filming in Ibiza's with the girls of Amnesia

Place you only heard mentioned, maybe saw on at the Movies, rumors of people’s and spectacular sights only dimly recognized names without real faces. Prague, Bucharest, Budapest, hidden jewels now un-obscured by an Iron Curtain – wonderful people set free to express. Day or night, Eastern Europe is a marvel often surpassing its western neighbors.

Europe After Dark is not so ethnocentric or western focused in its revelations. According to the Facebook Wall, Europe After Dark is now in Berlin – maybe they should make a side trip to the border with Luxembourg – check out the “German Village Party Scene” with us? Yes, though nightlife in Europe can be wild and sexy, some great cigars and quiet conversation along the Mosel, at a place known as Bernkastel-Kues, has its deep stress relieving rewards.

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