Will Our Devices Become Waterproof Soon?

Google, “Water damaged iphone,” and you will get more than three million hits. From the panicked user, to the company offering to fix your wet phone, to the nice how-to websites giving you advice, you will find it all. But, fear not, for the folks at HZ0 have  developed a product that may prevent all future panic attacks.

The company’s new waterproof nanotech liquid  will protect your electronic device in the deepest of waters. You know what this means? We might soon be able to take our smartphones to new territories. Exciting, right?

HzO inside

Kindle Fire HD, Nook Simple Touch, and Galaxy S3- all protected with WaterBlock

There’s one little problem. This amazing discovery is not yet available to you, the consumer. It will be up to the electronic companies to decided whether to integrate the technology into their devices.The question remains: will they finally save us the headaches and pocket-holes by making our devices waterproof?

Not a chance. To understand why, let’s look at things from the manufacturer’s perspective. Studies have shown that approximately forty percent of phone owners end up damaging their device with some type of liquid. Now take into account that there are at least a billion smartphone users in the world. If you were an electronic company driven by profits, would you equip your products with waterproof technology?

We don’t think so. It remains that, the more phones you drop in the toilet, the more money companies like Apple and Samsung will make. There are quite a few hints as to why these companies will not integrate HZ0 water blocking Technology. Look at the numbers. Since 2007, $5.7 Billion have been spent on damaged iPhones in the US  alone. And guess what? Close to the 30% of iPhone accident scenarios are liquid-related. We can only imagine that the same might be true for Android users, as well. There’s a lot of cash to be made here.

All profits aside, what would a world with HZ0 water blocking technology integrated into your favorite devices look like? Well, you’d definitely be richer. Water-damaged electronics is short-term for the short circuit of electrical wires on your device’s motherboard. HZ0  would make this a thing of the past, by acting like a sealed saran wrap over vital circuits within your device’s motherboard to prevent water damage. While, we’re sure the possible use of HZ0 technology would raise the price of your smartphone, it would however, be cost-effective in the long-term

In short, while HZ0 water blocking technology is definitely exciting and makes us quite giddy, It remains to be seen whether the electronic giants will make use of this development. If the evidence serves us right, we would not bet on it.

About the author: Fignola Alexandre is a member of the content team at Fueled, a leading iPhone app developer agency in New York. They are located in the Fueled Collective, a coworking space in NYC’s trendy SoHo district.

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