XG-ad Chosen by Ardent as Agency of Record

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XG-ad is the new agency of record for Ardent, a manufacturer of fishing reels and fishing accessories. The full service advertising agency is pleased to be working with their newest client and will be focusing on preparing promotional materals and working on merchandising for the fishing manufacturer.

“XG-ad is honored to help Ardent as they cast their products to anglers across America,” said Kevin Pyles, Principal and CEO at XG-ad. “We can see the dedication that goes into every product Ardent makes.”

Ardent creates top quality fishing reels and while they know that there is a lot of competition out there for fishing reels, the company is confident that with XG-ad’s help, they will be able to beat it and come out on top. With the right publicity, they feel that the Ardent reel and reel accessories will rapidly become the best known and used in the country.

“Whether you fish for recreation or professionally, Ardent has the tools for you,” said Michael J. Brooks, President and CEO of Ardent. “We chose XG-ad to help us because of their expertise in the merchandising/promotional advertising areas. We have seen their work and know they have Ardent’s best interest in mind with everything they do.”

Ardent is focused on providing the absolute best quality fishing reels. They are the only company in the US to offer a 3 year guarantee on their reels. They are also the only Made in the USA manufacturer of spinning and casting reels for fishing enthusiasts.

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