Yorkville Advisors LLC: Winning For the Future

yorkville advisors by mark angelo and edward schinik

Yorkville Advisors Background

Yorkville Advisors LLC, a New Jersey-based privately-held investment fund, has been operating since 2001. Mark Angelo was one of the original co-founders of the fund and continues to oversee the day-to-day business there. With four separate arms (subsidiaries) of the fund, they manage a lot of money have a lifetime track record of making money for their investors.

They are truly a model hedge fund.

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Mark Anthony Angelo, Leader

Mark Angelo operates as the President and portfolio manager for investments made by the fund and has seen more than 500 financial transactions during his time with Yorkville Advisors. He also works with business development, trading, investment decisions, and deal structuring – mainly keeping a focus on growing investor’s holdings while keeping the type of investing to companies with low volatility. He has often been called on by media giants to advise and opine about financial issues.

Angelo graduated from Rutgers College with a BA in Economics. He gained experience and expertise while working as a broker-dealer in New York, a securities trader at The Boston Group LP, and he was the leader of the corporate finance divisions of May Davis Group – a specialized investment bank working with emerging growth companies. Mark Angelo is joined by colleague Edward Schinik.

yorkville investments with mark angelo and edward schinik

Yorkville Advisors – Investments 

Yorkville Advisors specialize in PIPES – Private Investment in Public Equities. Some of the investments made recently by Yorkville include Kuros, which agreed to a Standby Equity Distribution Agreement with Yorkville providing equity financing over three years for up to 30 million Swiss francs and shares will be discounted at 5% to market price.

Also EZTD Inc. (OTCMKTS: EZTD) will have several million dollars from the global arm for investments once their deal is closed with Yorkville. It should be noted that as part of that deal, the head of EZTD was required to reinvest $500K more of his personal funds in the business as well as return a large portion of bonus money he received while the company was losing money. Just a bit of necessary clean up being done on the part of Yorkville to move the company back out of the red.

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