Your Digital Reputation: Lessons In Protecting It

Your reputation, your company’s reputation, you’ve been introduced to how important this aspect of life is. Personal or corporate, what the world thinks of you matter big time. Tiger Woods, BP, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), you get the picture, you are what your reputation says you are. Benjamin Franklin is oft referenced as having said:

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”

A huge component of public relations as a profession deals with the so called “management” of reputation. But, not so many have ever broken down these ideas into a simplistic form anyone can understand. The infographic below from KBSD Digital Marketing boils the essence of reputation and the management thereof down a bit. The bottom line in this digital whirlpool we are all in is, you’d better pay close attention or get butchered if your legacy has any holes in it. Check it out.

wSEh5 Your Digital Reputation: Lessons In Protecting It

Think about all this for a moment. If your business is not fully engaged and understanding of what “the conversation” is about, 2 plus billion people enabled is one heck of an incentive to pay attention. Sure, marketing and broadcasting your business’ value may not lead to some viral rainbow and a pot of gold, but you already know how bad news travels fast. Keep in tune with your reputation – use the digital web for intel and positive reinforcement – rather than some blunt sales tool. If your reputation is in tact, the customers will come.

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