Ten Oscars Apps Offer Insider Access to a Glamorous Night

Top Oscars Apps

For those who want to watch the Oscars online, we provided yesterday information on how to gain access to some special features of the event. The best way to enjoy the 2011 Academy Awards online, is via the awards’ official website, where you can sign up for Oscar All Access – a premium service that gives Oscar fans the ultimate view of Hollywood’s biggest night, for only $4.99. This is however not meant to replace the TV event, but just to enhance it – meaning that you will not see what is broadcast on TV, but other exclusive material.

For apps buffs we have already mentioned two: the Live From the Red Carpet app from E! Entertainment, and the official 83rd Academy Awards app, Oscar Backstage Pass from ABC Digital. To these, we add today eight more, in the following list of Oscars apps for various devices. Somehow, the market for apps dedicated to the Oscars is rather poor this year, and we expect to see more.

The official Oscar app is the Oscar Backstage Pass from ABC Digital. You’ll get access to live streams from exclusive cameras placed throughout the Red Carpet, the Kodak Theatre and the Governors Ball so you can go beyond the TV broadcast and watch more live Oscar action as it’s taking place. The app is available for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Another official app for iPad, iPhone and iPond touch is The Oscars®, by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. With this app you can access complete Nominee lists, get insider information on each film, watch viewable trailers and more. There are some interactive features as well, like make a prediction in each category, compare with your group of friends and share your picks through Facebook, Twitter, text and email. Real-time scoring lets you see how you scored against your group and the rest of the community.

An unofficial app, Awards Guide: The Oscars®, by Redwind Software, allows users to cast an eye over those that have been recognized by the Academy for their excellence in the film industry.

Vanity Fair Hollywood: Oscars® Edition, by Vanity Fairre allows you to view all the nominees, watch the trailers, make your picks, and then keep score the night of the big event. Connect with Facebook to see how your friends are voting and how your picks stack up against theirs on Oscar night.

The Live From the Red Carpet app from E! Entertainment offers live feedback and in high-gloss interactive bliss from the Academy Awards, celebrity interviews, and instant access to hundreds of E! articles, breaking down everything from the winners and upsets to the shows’ best (and worst) moments.

AppEzzy’s Awards Hero: Oscars Edition takes a look at the Academy Awards ® nominees and lets users vote on their pick to win. You can also quickly create an Oscars® Pool and compete with your friends. Can you guess all the correct winners from the Academy Awards®? With the latest version of Awards Hero: Oscars Edition you can enter for a chance to win up to $10,000! Entering is super easy, just enable Facebook on the app and start placing your votes for who will win each category. Every category you vote for will be an entry into the contest.

With Oscar Quotes for Android you can see all those celebrities who made some of the greatest Oscar acceptance speeches ever.

Oscar, by Maxim Pavlov is another app for Android devices – not necessarily the most glamorous, as it only features a countdown for the 83rd Academy Awards and a simple list of all the nominees.

The Oscars Trivia Challenge by Mobifusion – is an app for Android devices. You can test your knowledge of the best movies ever made, save your score and challenge a competing movie aficionado.

Navita Tecnologia’s Oscar Cineclick for BlackBerry, offers real-time news for the Oscars with complete coverage of the ceremony’s most talked about.

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