3 Eye-Opening Infographics About Eyesight

I can’t help but love infographics. In a world that is based on quick facts and rapid education, you have to give most people something to look at if you want them to absorb the information you have to offer. But that isn’t a surprising fact; we live in a time where there is no much info to read, hear and discover that the mind just automatically prioritizes.

When it comes to vision, most aren’t that interested in the topic. It is hard enough just sharing details about an interesting vision study when speaking face to face, much less on the web. But these three infographics do the job by giving the reader both cool facts and an entertaining, visual way to absorb it.

1. Healthy Eyes In A Digital World

Healthy Eyes In A Digital World

I am totally guilty of living my life in front of a computer screen: working, reading, playing, etc. While this is a part of my profession, as it is with many, I am not always as careful as I should be about keeping my eyes healthy. In fact, I often find myself with headaches, eye pain, neck pain and eye dryness, among other issues. Which is just what this infographic is about.

It tells you a few facts about our eyes in our digital world, and then tells you how to best combat these eye problems. Some of those include how you sit, the distance of your screen and the 20-20-20 Rule. For those who don’t know, that is that every 20 minutes you should take a 20 second break to look at something 20 feet away. But larger breaks are always good, even if just to stand up and grab some water, use the restroom or walk around once an hour.

2. How Mobile Devices Effect Your Health

How Mobile Devices Effect Your Health

Your cellphone could be killing you! OK, probably not, but it might be causing you some issues you didn’t expect. The first is the same Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) that you get from looking too long at a computer screen, such as dry eyes, headaches and long term nearsightedness.

In fact, because the screen is smaller you might experience it more severely. For hearing you also have the problem of tinnitus, or a chronic ringing in the ears that might be soft or loud. As for the rest of your body, there is a risk to your posture. While that might not seem like a big idea, according to the infographic doctors are seeing arthritis symptoms in people as young 15 thanks to their posture. Through the infographic you will find ways of decreasing your risk factors.

3. Bionic Eyes and Bringing Artifical Vision Into Focus

Bionic Eyes and Bringing Artifical Vision Into Focus

The future of vision technology is barreling towards us fast. Things that you might have never expected to see if your life time are being worked on right now, and breakthroughs are being made.

This is especially exciting when it comes to bionic eyes, which can be given to people who were born blind or became blind later in life. Already, prototypes are being made and experiments conducted to find a way to give the gift of sight. These include bionic contacts that can greatly improve vision and maybe even be used by gamers for alternate reality games. There are also implants that are both retinal and telescopic. Yeah…pretty awesome.


You know that there is no way you weren’t impressed by all of this. If you have been looking for some interesting information, but you like a bit of visual aid, check out these three awesome infographics about eyesight.

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