5 Social Media Presences that Grab You

It’s been a bit since we gathered in a little list of social presences that just reach out and grab an audience. Lists being what they are, fodder for quick and easy surfing discovery, let’s get down to showing off 5 social media profiles that struck us as worthy over the last month. We broke the profiles into the categories; Twitter feeds, Facebook, g+, blogs, and finally YouTube Channels.

Burberry website

Burberry website – excellence at the other end of social media presence

Our work for clients involves a great deal of research into all the channels, particularly social media and news, so below you’ll find some graphical and value wonders you may have seen before. Or, if we are lucky enough, ones you will have discovered here. First up is a travel oriented entity, HSMAI New York’s Twitter feed, the local contingent of Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, is a black and white magnet that is impossible not to remember.


It’s not just the bold contrast of B & W, the aesthetics that is key to having a great SM profile – the content and engagement is even more important. But, one without the other makes for – well, you can answer that. For people interested in hospitality, particularly in the US, HSMAI serves some Twitter recipes for being informed. Their job is:

“(a) commitment to growing business for hotels and their partners by fueling sales, inspiring marketing, and optimizing revenue.”

Certainly at the top of anyone’s list of Facebook presences, outfitter LL Bean understood from the start how to engage via SM. Simple, elegant, and with outdoorsy motif in tact, the Bean pages call to visitors to check out what’s underneath, in the huge store founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean in one room. I have bought many an item from this company, and in all honesty have never once been dissatisfied with their service or quality.

LL Bean Facebook profile

LL Bean Facebook profile – clean as the woods, crisp as mountain air, quality written all over

Why is a two day markdown a big deal? Well, at LL Bean the prices and quality are nothing like you’ll find at Wal-mart. Both are substantially higher – so, chopping anything off is just value added. If my little blurb here sounds to sales-y? All I can say is; I hate it for you, Bean rules the mail order outdoors roost. What’s wrong with saying what one thinks?

We have been researching and engaging all across the g+ platform since its inception. One thing we have noted of late is that massive influx of businesses since “pages” were inserted into the Google framework. Where Google Plus is concerned, you could delve deep, deep, deep into the branding aspects of this social network. For that, here are the Brandz Top 100 (PDF) brands on the net at Google. To press the “easy button” of g+ coolness, just visit Burberry’s profile.

Burberry g+ pages.

Burberry, so cool it’s snowing on their g+

In case you were abducted by aliens, Burberry is a 155 year tradition of luxury, the essence of what being British is, of timeless quality. And if you think the Burberry g+ is cool, check out their website. Especially the “Bespoke” intro, fabulous. I’m ordering a trench coat after I finish this post. Really.

By now there must be upwards of 160 million blogs in the world now. So, me picking one that rules over all the rest is going to be a bit of folly. Picking one most people will get some value out of, and enjoy looking at – this is not so hard. I actually ran across the blog of photographer Henry Chan as a suggestion of Epoch Times editor Jan Jekielek. For me there is nothing more elegant and stylish than a simple white linen tablecloth with shiny silver, gold, or pigmented china spread across it. This is the feeling on gets from the HenryShoots – HenryBlogs blog and his website.

HenryShoots blog - a photographer's eye

Only through the eye of a great photographer – are photos strewn so nicely

I cannot show you now, but this photographic talent is exquisite. I will endeavor to contact Henry to see about an interview and showing off more of his work. Taking from his brief bio on the blog, he is inspired by told-school cinematography, and it shows. If you look at the images he offers up on his various sites, Henry’s art is in the mixing and matching light and shade, the contrast and the congruity of imagery – I do not have the words to accurately describe, just visit this superb blog (if somewhat unattended of late).

YouTube Channels. Most social media people do not actually consider YouTube efforts within the social media realm. Social Media gurus out there not aware of the power of this channel must not have seen Cassetteboy’s channel. If slicing and dicing reality, then serving it up to millions of views is not social worth – it simply does not exist. The Bond Vs the Recession edit below, shows a bit of this talent’s talent.

YouTube can be about a lot of things, real time streaming news or music videos, but the thing that powers view on this social media marvel is humor. Cassetteboy leads a pack of comedic super editors and performers business types could take lessons from. For the rest of us, Cassetteboy’s channel is just entertaining. I ran his whole reel as backdrop for writing this – stopping to check out the hilarious moments.

So there you are, 5 very nice social profiles we hope you love. As suggested, we’ll try and reach out to Henry and the others too. We suggest you hook up on your own too.

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