A Rod Crisis PR: Brand Meltdown

Alex Rodriquez PRThere aren’t many baseball fans out there who have not been clued into Major League Baseball’s tiff with Alex Rodriguez. From a career one way ticketed to the Hall of Fame, to alienating several million fans with the worst ever media relations, New York City may have just had enough. 5WPR’s Executive Vice President Erika Kauffman addressed earlier today the PR fundamentals A-Rod needed to prevail in this crisis. I offer a personal note of utter sadness over Alex’s deconstruct.

If baseball greatness were ever to be branded and sold, Alex Rodriguez had at one time the best recipe for cooking up legendary status since Willie Mays or Mickey Mantle. About now though, horrendous press relations and crisis management that has caused even more heat, A-Rod’s career has been set to boil. Erika Kauffman elaborates:

“It’s a shame Alex Rodriguez and his counsel couldn’t control both his behavior and his image. From a communications standpoint, A-Rod’s brand has fallen far short of what it could have been, had he heeded MLB rules and treated the game, and his fan-base, with honesty and integrity.”

Before I go on, let me say this. My nephew and Alex Rodriguez were High School All Americans (Twice) on the Westminster baseball team down in Miami. Steven Butler missed the MLB train for a heap of crazy reasons, Alex did not. Rodriquez, from what I know over these last decades, is one of the finest athletic specimens who ever stepped on a baseball diamond.

He was on his way to a place that every kid in my generation dreamed of heading, to the excellence at the end of an epic quest – a kind of immortality. Now, because of fatal flaws in his crisis strategy, he’s in a worse situation PR wise than Pete Rose was back when.

That said, what Erika suggests below is exactly what Alex should have adhered to.


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