Aaron Carter arrested for DUI

If you forgot about Aaron Carter, you might well be forgiven. It’s been a good bit since the former pop singer was on the charts, and his name has been pushed out of the spotlight by today’s popular teen icons. Until now.

Carter Makes Headlines

Carter is back in the headlines, but not the way he would like to be. He was arrested after another motorist dialed 911 to report a car “driving all over the road” on a major Georgia highway. Cops pulled Carter over, and the singer was, according to the AP story, not able to maintain his balance. His eyes also appeared glazed and bloodshot, according to police. Local sheriff Captain Floyd Canup told the press Carter had been “driving all over the road and driving into the median…”

Carter was arrested for driving under the influence and, during his arrest, police also found marijuana and other “drug-related” material in his vehicle or on his person.

After he, allegedly, sobered up, Carter took to Twitter to defend himself and accuse the cops of “targeting” him because he’s a “celebrity.” He added that he has a license for medical marijuana to treat “long standing anxiety.”

Obstruction of Justice, Marijuana and Drugs

As it turned out, Carter was not the only one arrested during that traffic stop. His girlfriend, Madison Parker, was arrested on charges of obstructing law enforcement officers, possession of marijuana, and drug-related objects as well. Icing on the cake for the celebrity gossip media? When the couple was asked who the marijuana belonged to, they both fingered each other.

Being arrested for DUI and drugs is hardly uncommon for people in Carter’s line of work. Nor is arguing with a girlfriend and getting you both arrested. Some might say it’s par for the course for the average pop music star.

It’s what happens next that matters, to both the person and their career. Some stay in denial, blaming everyone but themselves for the arrest. Others opt for a public trip to rehab. Some choose to revel in the arrest and use it to put their name back in the minds of music fans. Each of these choices has worked to the advantage of one artist or another at different times and different places. Each choice has also backfired a time or three. What option will Carter choose? No word on that yet, and it may not be coming anytime soon. It’s likely his PR, and legal teams are deciding how to play it. After all, he hasn’t been in the spotlight for a while, and this really isn’t the ideal way to make a return.

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