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The Air Force Reserve is seeking to hire an advertising agency.  They want to market to the American public, in support of overall Air Force Reserve communications objectives and all Air Force Reserve recruiting programs in all appropriate media.

The assignment includes to: manage the program and all associated costs for the Public Service Advertising (PSA) Program, Recruiting Support Vehicle, AFRC Qualification Center, and TV/Radio/Video Products.  The chosen agency shall conduct research to measure the effectiveness and support the improvement of Air Force Reserve communications and advertising capabilities in the areas of branding, lead generation, fulfillment, and recruiter support.

Additionally to:

  • Perform media research and tracking to determine the effectiveness of current/on-going branding and recruiting advertising initiatives.
  • Conduct surveys of recruiting advertising awareness, recall, and impressions delivered by specified target audiences in order to measure penetration and effectiveness of lead-generating events, products, and materials.
  • Perform both qualitative and quantitative research studies to provide an adequate strategic base for creative development; make recommendations on communications and recruiting advertising strategies to reach specific target audiences based on findings.
  • Develop training materials and provide training to Air Force Reserve staff members and recruiters to facilitate the optimal and integrated delivery of the advertising strategy’s messages.
  • Provide advice, develop and present marketing strategies that communicate effectively with various subsets of the America population such as, but not limited to, African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Caucasians—both male and female, to assist the marketing and advertising programs in communicating with diverse groups about opportunities to serve in the Air Force Reserve.
  • Plan, create, develop and produce online and offline Interactive Media products targeted towards the 17- to 39-year old audience for enlisted recruiting purposes and 21- to 35-year old audience for officer recruiting purposes.
  • Develop web pages, online media products and offline electronic media products to support all recruiting programs.
  • Special Events:  Promote and develops recruiting advertising plans and supervises advertising, publicity, and public relations activities in connection with special events.
  • The PSA Program includes planning, developing, producing, reproducing and distributing television, radio, print, transit, outdoor public service announcements to local/regional broadcast outlets across the country.
  • Maintain an ongoing program with leading outdoor marketing vendors to place Air Force Reserve messages in the form of non-paid Public Service Announcements in locations where vendors have outdoor marketing space available.
  • Operate, manage and staff a Qualification Center or centers to assist in the refinement, processing, and distribution of all leads. The Qualification Center function required by the Air Force Reserve consists of the management and operation of a 1-800-# Call Center component and an Electronic Recruiting component.
  • Produce complete scripts, storyboards, and treatments of the approved concept for AFRC review and approval.
  • Execute, create, produce, purchase time or print space, and deliver materials for advertising products for the nationwide network of recruiting operating locations to appear in selected geographic areas of responsibility to support all recruiting programs. Purchases include advertisements in shopper’s guides, sports publications, local and national magazines, local and national medical journals, recurring school publications (excluding yearbooks), and newspapers; outdoor and transit billboards, duratrans (backlit graphic design), ballpark signs, transit cards, taxi signs, billboard overlays (snipes), mini-boards, junior posters, painted outdoor signs, bus cards, window cards, address strips for window cards, and benches.
  • Schedule, coordinate, and execute live events in support of Air Force Reserve recruiting missions.
  • Purchase digital media that will deliver a minimum of 25,000 leads per year.
  • Establish ways to promote the program to reservists and increase participation including Awards, Marketing, Creating Collateral Materials, Recognition programs, Updating Website, Email messaging, Civil Servant program, program marketing, and  educating and interfacing with recruiters.
  • Develop, produce and execute marketing and advertising campaigns for national Air Force Reserve branding activities.
  • These services include developing creative materials for national broadcast and print media and other audio-visual materials as well as static displays, exhibits and signage and other appropriate media to meet objectives of national Air Force Reserve branding campaign.
  • Develop an annual communications/advertising plan by August for the following fiscal year. The plan will support the overall communications and recruiting objectives of the Air Force Reserve.  The plan shall include a precise description of the communications and recruiting advertising programs to be implemented at the beginning of the appropriate fiscal year.  Recommendations and rationale for strategy and tactics shall be included.  In addition, the annual plan shall include, but not be limited to, competitive market analysis, communications strategies, advertising strategies, creative objectives, and a recommended budget.

Review the full RFP here:

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