Alberta Innovates Seeks Marketing Agency

Alberta Innovates Seeks Agency For Marketing Campaign

Alberta Innovates presented a unique conference experience in 2018, bringing international speakers and participants to Alberta in a carefully curated blend of innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors. The goal was to showcase leading researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, while demonstrating the province is ready to play on a global stage. In its kick-off year, INVENTURE$ 2018 was applauded for creating the forum for “creative collisions” to occur. The event drew local, national and international attendance and INVENTURE$ 2019 aims to build on this pilot year momentum.

As this is an innovation themed conference, it is expected the proponent will capture and amplify the distinctiveness of the event in all marketing communications such that the campaign piques public/media interest, differentiates INVENTURE$ within the conference landscape, and generates stakeholder traction that magnifies the experiential atmosphere desired. Further, the proponent will work closely with the contracted event producer to deliver an outcome that advances Alberta’s innovation strategies and strengthens Alberta Innovates brand positioning.

Specifically, this project is to develop and implement an integrated marketing communications campaign for INVENTURE$ 2019 (and potentially 2020) that:

1) Attracts paid attendance of 1,200 to 1,500 delegates,

2) Identifies and secures sponsors for select components of the overall conference,

3) Generates awareness and uptake within geo-targeted markets locally and worldwide, and

4) Builds widespread interest in programming as it is designed and curated.

The proponent must have a proven track record in collaborative, creative and effective event marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results on budget and within tight deadlines. Strong project management is essential.


On May 27, 2016, the Alberta Research and Innovation Amendment Act, 2016 (the “Act”) received Royal Assent. Pursuant to the Act, effective November 1, 2016 Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures, along with the other Alberta Innovates agencies (Alberta Innovates – Bio Solutions, Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions, and Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions), is dissolved and a single Alberta Innovates corporation has been created.

AI has two wholly owned subsidiaries C-FER Technologies (1999) Inc., and InnoTech Alberta Inc.

The mission of AI is to advance the economy of the province by promoting technology development and application, performing applied research, and providing expert advice, technical information and scientific infrastructure that is responsive to the needs of the private sector and supports activities in the public sector.

Scope of Work:

  • The proponent must describe how they will deliver the scope of work which includes:
  • The overall event marketing campaign for INVENTURE$ 2019 (and potentially 2020)

– Describe the overall creative approach and outline tactics, timeline, costs and milestone deliverables

– Define the competitive landscape of conferences and recommended cross-promotional approach

– Identify target sponsors, sponsorship program and tailored “ask” packages

– Specify promotions to feature and raise awareness of INVENTURE$ Connect (associated events and partners)

– Identify tailored promotions to support INVENTURE$ Banff (extended program)

– Outline onsite event marketing support that will be provided

– Recommend collateral and media channels to be deployed and on what frequency

  • Project reporting, including budget and deliverables tracking for the duration of the campaign.
  • Leverage and deployment of new and existing owned/earned/social media channels.

– Outline the editorial/content calendar to effectively publicize the 2019 event program as it develops

– Identify how INVENTURE$ digital reach will be expanded, amplified and measured

– Define how INVENTURE$ 2019 website and mobile event app (CVent) will be updated/kept fresh

– Outline digital cross-promotions that will leverage INVENTURE$ sponsors, partners, speakers reach

– How will influencer contact lists be gathered and activated; what tools/data analytics will be used

– What will comprise the social media kit, including hashtags, posts, tweets, testimonials, links and shares

– Describe how media partner(s) will be sourced and secured

– What will be the production schedule of messages, media releases and media kits for target outlets

  • Co-design and develop experiential / creative programming with contracted event producer.

– How will visual artists, musicians, film makers and other creatives be identified and secured

– Define the elements of an innovative event opening/closing ceremony, including sourcing and logistics

  • Advertising and marketing collateral for digital and other media.

– How will a dynamic ads campaign for social media channels and in geo-targeted markets be produced

– Identify information, promotional items and costs to produce a delegates’ bag that showcases Alberta

Due Date:

August 20th


Alberta Innovates


250 Karl Clark Road

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

T6N 1E4

Attention: Allan Mah, Intermediate Buyer.

Agencies to consider include APCO Worldwide and Coyne PR.

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