Allied Media Projects Issues Website RFP

Since becoming a non-profit, the work of Allied Media Projects has evolved from being exclusively the Allied Media Conference; to being the AMC plus a collection of community media programs in Detroit; to being the AMC plus a vast network of media-based organizing initiatives that spans the country.

This growth has emerged out of the needs of our communities and the strategies we’ve devised to meet those needs, one after another. We love seeing visionary, radical, media-based social justice organizing flourish with our support. To support the breadth of this work and keep up with the technological advances of our day we envision a rebuilt, redesigned

A successful new site will be able to meet all of Allied Media’s varied needs. By this, we mean both Allied Media in terms of our organization, our staff and the work we do; as well as “Allied Media” in terms of the diverse people and projects who make up our extended network, who are looking to our site for conference information, program resources and ways to connect and stay informed.

·         Convey the mission, vision, and history of AMP plus news and announcements

·         Support all facets of delivering our annual conference; including sharing the programming and schedule, accepting session proposals and attendee registration

·         Support the online infrastructure of our core programs, Sponsored Projects Program and Speakers Bureau; including profile pages for individual projects, and for speakers’ booking and inquiry pages

·         Grow our ability to shape stories and publish content in innovative, engaging ways

·         Provide essential resources to empower community members, such as downloadable zines and publications

·         Thoughtfully integrate third-party applications to support all of the above, when appropriate. In the past, we have used MailChimp, ZenDesk, EventBrite andSched; we are open to others that fit our needs.


Allied Media Projects is a not-for-profit based in Detroit, Michigan.

Allied Media Projects (AMP) cultivates media for liberation. Our media includes all the ways we communicate with the world. Our liberation is an ongoing process of personal, collective, and systemic transformation. We are a network of people and projects, rooted in Detroit and connected to hundreds of other places across the globe. Together, we grow and exchange ways of using media to create the world we need. AMP incorporated as a non-profit in 2001, growing out of the Allied Media Conference (AMC). AMC (then called the Midwest Zine Conference) started in 1999 in Bowling Green, Ohio. The organization and conference has been based in Detroit since 2007.

Scope of Work:

For the general AMP website:

1. Members of the AMP network (in general)

Our folks have many, varied identities and backgrounds; interests, desires, needs; and ways to use our site. Folks in our wider community are looking for general information about AMP, from current news to history, mission and vision, and staff bios.Others are looking for information about our core programs, Sponsored Projects and Speakers Bureau, whether to join, make inquiries, donate to or otherwise support the programs. Others are looking to shop the AMP store with easy navigation and search functions. Folks are also looking to access AMP resources on media-based organizing that are accessible in different languages, media and formats.

2. Sponsored Projects leads and participants

These are folks whose projects are fiscally sponsored by AMP. They are already deep in the AMP network, though their formal working relationship within the program may be anywhere from brand new to years old .Project leads and project participants are looking for a Sponsored Projects homepage and individual project pages that democratically and beautifully lift up the vibrancy of their work. They are looking for a sense of online community and easy access to the resources needed to perform their work (such as policy handbooks and payment request forms).

3. Speakers Bureau speakers and hosts

Speakers are looking for one central place to showcase their work. Bios, descriptions of sessions and booking pages should all be readily accessible or downloadable from the Speakers Bureau pages. 

4. AMP staff and systems administrators

Folks who work at AMP are looking for a website that is easy to use from the back end as well as the front end. Ideally, our refreshed site would have a streamlined, visually arresting design that is more image- and graphic-based, and less text dependent thanour current site.

5. Supporters

Current and potential funders, foundations and fans of AMP are looking for our mission,vision, goals and proof of our work out in the world conveyed in accessible and beautiful ways. Where and how on the site to make a donation — or other ways to support — should be clear and easy to locate.

6. Press and media

Media folks looking to report on or uplift our work should also be able to access basic information about AMP and points of inspiration. 

Due Date:

August 9, 2019 


Agencies with relevant experience includes Shift Communications and Hunter PR.

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