Amazing PR Stuff: Resurrecting Alberto VO5®

360PRAt this year’s PRSA 2013 Big Apple Awards a lot of amazing public relations and communications efforts were paid tribute to, but none was more deserving than 360 Public Relations’ Alberto VO5 New/Media/Social Media Campaign. For one thing, relaunching a brand with a heyday in the 60’s, with a budget less than $100,000, just in this 360 PR deserved a halo or some similar adornment. Even though Alberto-Culver has been a highly profitable business concern all these years, boosting VO5 back to the top of the hair-care heap is no hair tease, but a full perm.

For a bit of a nostalgic trip back for you “Boomers” and the Y Generation too, the video below tells a lot about this amazingly popular product from back when. “Five basic conditioners”, combined with the suggestive of stars and Hollywood, these concepts “did it” for sales back when.

How about it, would that commercial send you scurrying to the shopping center to ensure your hair stays in place? We’ve all come a long way past the simple salesmanship of the 60’s, now were far more sophisticated and complex. Or are we? What if you owned this brand and wanted to resurrect the name of Alberto? Alberto VO5®, the brand, is now owned by Stamford, CT-based High Ridge Brands, an equity outfit with an understanding of consumer products that is notable. The firm picked 360PR to use social media in an integrated campaign for Alberto’s rejuvenation. At the time of the AOR announcement, Rob Bratskeir , Executive Vice President of 360 Public Relations offered this about the campaign to be:

“We’re energized to make this news actionable for women who haven’t yet considered VO5, and reinforcing for those who already love the brand, through the right mix of mass and social channels.”

In retrospect Bratskeir’s tone was understatement considering the success of the campaign. New Lather for Alberto VO5® the campaign was actually quite brilliant, and interestingly so like the 60’s counterparts. What were “five basic conditioners” became the more transparent “five vitamin oils”, and etc. as below. The company founded way back in 1955 by self made billionaire Leonard H. Lavin, kept this and other secrets, top secret for decades.

From the Alberto VO5 website

From the Alberto VO5 website – more about those 5 vitamins

Revealing the secret of those 5 ingredients, optimizing the relaunch via Facebook and other SM, graphics to the texts, this was a pretty amazing campaign given the low cost.

The video below from Alberto VO5 unveils a bit of product history while giving away the secrets to the product’s success over the years. Yes, Kiwi from back when. Unfortunately we cannot show you the 360PR campaign, or even the Alberto VO5 Facebook profile, as the latter has somehow gone off social where FB is concerned. You can Tweet VO5 peeps here, but 30 minutes of searching and even the VO5 links to Facebook are broken?

Anyway, hats off to 360 Public Relations on this one.

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