Amazon Collections Challenges Pinterest

Imitation may be the greatest form of flattery, but it is also a true challenge against smaller competitors, especially when it takes this form:

Amazon collections

This is the latest Amazon move, a Pinterest-clone on its own network, allowing Amazon users and customers to organize Amazon favorites into “collections.” Everything collected this way can be reshared, and browsed. Shared items are inclouded on the landing page of Amazon Collections, in real time, and can be “liked” by pressing a small heart icon, or added to your own Amazon collections, with a click on a “plus” button.

As much as it resembles Pinterest, the new site tweak by Amazon still has a long way to go to become as engaging. You can now follow other Amazon users who create their own collections, but cannot communicate with them. Unlike Pinterest where you can only follow one board, without needing to follow everything else a certain user adds, Amazon Collections forces you to see all the collections updated by a user you follow. There are many other limitations to Collections now, including interactivity, but we expect them all to be addressed with upcoming feature updates.

What Amazon Collections is right now can be defined as an upgrade for its Wish List feature. If you see something you like while browsing Amazon, you can go on the detailed product page, and click on the “add to collections” button under the product photo. This helps you categorize your favorites according to your preferences, and allows you to revisit your choices later on.

Amazon Collections is still in its early stages, and “in testing” according to the company. Nevertheless, cloning Pinterest’s functionality is not the innovation one expects from an ecommerce giant.

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