AMP Agency Sues MWW PR Group for Unpaid Bills

2016-06-27 by Richard D. Pace

MWW Public Relations

Agency Facing Countless Lawsuits Alleging They Do Not Pay Vendors

Everything-PR can exclusively report that a leading marketing agency, AMP Agency has sued MWWPR, one of the leading independent Public Relations firms in the United States for nearly $290K in unpaid bills in a lawsuit which has been filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

This lawsuit comes on the heels of our May 28 report where this site reported that Scholastic sued MWWPR for $699,377.01 plus legal damages for a series of unpaid bills related to work the agency performed for Samsung. That case is still pending and the bills remain unpaid.  On May 31, we reported that BDI, a software provider had sued MWW PR in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, for $120,000, also reported to work for Samsung Mobile – and yet again the agency did not pay the bills.  That case, too is still pending and The Bergen Record, a daily in MWW’s New Jersey backyard reported the company claimed that the matter is nothing more than a contract dispute that will be resolved in due course.”

And now, a lawsuit which we have just uncovered, yet was filed June 10, 2016 on behalf of AMP AGENCY against MWWPR alleges $289, 149 in unpaid invoices. According to the lawsuit, “Defendant received the statements of account and /or invoices without protest and did not object to them nor indicate that they were erroneous in any respect.   Defendant thereby acknowledged that the debt owed to Plaintiff, as set forth in their statements of account and/or invoices, is true and correct.”

amp agency lawsuit

AMP Agency is a full service marketing agency with offices in Boston, Los Angeles and New York. As of press time they did not respond to inquiries.

MWW PR is being sued yet again for unpaid bills – this time in the amount of $289, 149 and we question why is this leading independent firm not paying their bills? Does the company have major financial problems?  There are now numerous lawsuits against the company from well respected companies, and there are many in the industry asking what is going on.  Inquiries to Michael Kempner, the firm’s CEO have gone unreturned.

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