Animoto Holiday Videos Rethink Electronic Greetings

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Only a few days ago my boyfriend mentioned that he wanted to send out holiday cards to all of his clients. An end-of-the-year thank you greeting to warm the heart, right? Well, what about our budget? Not such a heart-warming thought. Snapping up holiday greeting cards before all the Day-After-Christmas sales could really hurt the wallet. So when Animoto alerted me to their yearly holiday package, I was more interested than ever in checking it out.

The latest holiday package offerings from video-creation tool Animoto include an all-access pass for the high resolution content, email and social networking sharing options, and delivery notifications so you will know when your friends receive their greetings. The holiday themes for video-creation include music integration and other expressions of holiday motifs. The package will cost $30 but it may be worth it depending on your holiday greeting needs.

The social networking integration is what I found particularly interesting, as it encourages users to take an online approach to sending out holiday greetings. From a mass-message standpoint, it may be relatively easy to take your photos, port them into Animoto and receive a professional video to post online. Here is one sample version so you can see the quality possible.

But is mass-messaging the way to go? Will social network holiday greetings be recognized as sincere and heartfelt? The ability to send one a greeting online has been around for years, and the immediacy of an electronic greeting made it seem like an afterthought instead of something pre-planned. This perception kept the industry from growing to its fullest potential. With large social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube there is a possibility of one user having hundreds or even thousands of friends or followers, all of which will have access to a message publicly posted. Could the mass, then, become a hindrance for electronic greetings just as its immediacy does? As with anything, I think a genuine good measure would be appreciated by all those followers and friends.

As all of the major social network platforms have several options for private and public messages, there are just as many options for customizing the method and content of a message. The ability for any kind of message to serve its purpose based on its method of delivery and its intent means that services like Animoto can take electronic greetings to a new level of acceptance. With the rise of virtual goods being shared and utilized on large social networks as well, there is a good future for services like Animoto’s, which produces a quality product. Here is another sample one, but really the variations are limitless.

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