Anthony Scaramucci: Doing A Great Job For POTUS

Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci recently started his new job as communications director for the Donald J. Trump presidency. His history is not dissimilar to President Trump, as he’s also a New York tycoon. He’s also a bit rough and tumble while dealing with the press and media.

While he has received criticism, what could be more perfect than an imperfect fit to a politician’s support, for the President that was elected by being politically incorrect?Undoubtedly he was hired because he’s a Trump ally, and he pushes for the same things as President Trump … being strong, committed, and putting America first instead of what seems more common in DC where politicians put their careers and pocketbooks first, and the electorate seems to come in closer to the bottom rung.

How Do the Media and Press See the New Communications Director?

The answer to that question seems to be just as split as they are about the President himself. His job, presumably, is to be in charge of all communications coming out of the White House and on behalf of President Trump. Part of that effort has to be getting control of the leaks finding their way to the press. Looking at the question, consideration needs to be given to the fact that what is good for the nation and its citizens may not be what journalists and media moguls want. Remember they meet payroll and pay their bills by selling their stories, and the more controversial they can make their newsfeed, the more their stories remain relevant and profitable. Much of what gets reported in the age of immediate internet stories is more conjecture than confirmed fact.

Having come into this job when there is so much friction between the press and anyone working with or for President Trump, he seems to have transitioned reasonably well, though the press isn’t always going to agree with that assessment for reasons stated above and more.

Scaramucci has not been all sunshine and light about White House communications and their PR. He even acknowledged that to CNN, saying: “Listen, there’s obviously a communication problem. I just think we need to deliver the messaging a little bit differently than we have been doing it in the past.” It seems his first efforts will be stopping the unauthorized leaks from staff members at the White House. To CBS on Face the Nation, he said: “Tomorrow I’m going to have a staff meeting, and it’s going to be a very binary thing. I’m not going to make any prejudgments about anybody on that staff. If they want to stay on the staff, they’re going to stop leaking. But if you’re going to keep leaking, I’m going to fire everybody.”

When one media person commented that Scaramucci seemed to address his remarks more to the President than to Americans, Scaramucci responded that he liked talking with the President, but that he’s also talking to the people he grew up with … Americans.

Scaramucci may turn out to be one of the best things to hit DC in a generation from a staff position. No matter what mud is thrown about the Presidency being won from help outside of our country, there are more than half of the voters that willingly yell, they voted for Donald J. Trump because they were fed up with politics as usual.

Scaramucci seems ready to support that effort as well.