Anthony Weiner & MWW PR Lobby Group Established

2015-08-11 by Jason Tannahill


If you work in Public Relations – and haven’t been asleep for the last month – then you know that MWW PR recently hired Anthony Weiner, the former Congressman, who has had his fair-share of scandal.

MWW PR’s slogan is, “Fearless, Smart, Relentlessly Relevant.” The firm’s expertise lies in a long list of specialties capable of turning around any company, group or individual image. Areas of service for MWW PR include government relations, sustainability, travel, visual branding, corporate communications, consumer lifestyle marketing, entertainment, health, LGBT marketing, and financial communications.

MWW Public Relations

Yet MWW PR has long prided themselves in being a strong lobbying and issues company. Part of that of course is rooted perhaps in why they hired Weiner, given the firms’ Founder Michael Kempner’s close relationship with the Democratic power.

Much of the revenue generated by MWW comes from lobbying efforts. Statistics for 2015 are already being tallied, and the total lobbying work exceeds $1 Million, and surely they think Weiner can add to that total. The groups retaining MWW PR Group this past year include Thomas Edison State College, Thomas Jefferson University, Molycorp Minerals, Florida A&M University, National Assn of Colleges & Employers, Meridian Health and the City of Miami Beach, Florida.

This is an eclectic organization with honors in many sectors.

Their lobbying expenditures can be found at These come from the Senate Office of Public Records and show the names mentioned above, who have retained MWW Group, invested no less than $30,000 and some reached levels of $70,000.

Though most of the groups retaining this firm are based in education, MWW PR also has clients in health service, human rights, civil service, oil & gas; and electricity. 2015, though not completed yet, shows the firm’s lowest amounts for year to date regarding annual lobbying efforts.

MWW Public Relations Group

Among those working for the firm are reputable lobbyists representing MWW PR, including Marilyn Berry Thompson, Alanna Dillon, and Ryan Haaker. Issues for 2015 were also stacked high for Fed Budget & Appropriations according to, including hot-button issues such as nuclear power and immigration were served by MWW PR.

Hiring Anthony Weiner was a risky move – although one may think they seek to maximize his vast Washington, D.C. insider experience. Time will tell if it was a smart move.

Jason Tannahill - Everything Public Relations News