Ryla Picks Arketi Group for PR

Arketi Group Public Relations

Arketi GroupArketi Group PR recently announced that they have been selected by Ryla as their new public relations agency of record. The high tech B2B firm is going to be handling a thought leadership campaign, as well as heading up aggressive media relations for the domestic provider of contact center solutions.

Ryla provides contact services to Fortune 500 companies and is a leader in domestic providers of these services. Their specific offerings include help desks, retention programs, automated messaging, surveys, client care and data collection, among others. With a focus on domestic companies, Ryla works hard to provide the best quality service to their clients and has chosen Arketi Group to dealw ith the marketing that is necessary in keeping their company at the forefront of the industry.

“We needed a firm that could help us build our image through targeted PR and, simultaneously, had the expertise to deliver and execute top-tier marketing counsel,” said Mark Wilson, founder, president and CEO of Ryla. “We have been extremely pleased with the results Arketi has already generated, and look forward to building on our successful partnership.”

Arketi Group has a reputation for accelerating growth through the use of specific marketing tactics. They work with B2B marketing and their techniques include branding, messaging, public relations and demand generation, bundled with intelligent and carefully thought out strategies to boost sales for their clients.

“Ryla’s senior leadership team is driving a host of innovative customer service and internal programs that are resulting in phenomenal business growth,” said Jacqueline Parker, vice president of Arketi Group. “We look forward to helping Ryla expand its presence in the marketplace and build on the momentum the company has already achieved.”