Ashley Black and the FasciaBlaster Defeat Final Class Action Lawsuit

2021-04-19 by JamesD
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FasciaBlaster Creator Ashley Black Gets Justice as Court Dismisses Final Class Action

The verdict is in and the FasciaBlaster toolset will not see the inside of a courtroom again anytime soon.

On April 2nd, a judge in a United States District Court in Houston, TX moved to certify the class allegations produced against Ashley Black, the architect of the myofascial self-massage device, and the FasciaBlaster tool’s warranty approved a proposal ‘to strike the allegations for both the class and the subclass altogether’.

This final judgment to do away with the class-action lawsuit in Texas led by a former Fasciablaster, Emily Elson, comes at the very end of three years of sweat, tears, and millions of dollars that Ashley Black and the Fasciablaster Team have dedicated to defending the truth behind their self-massage tool against multiple class actions and a preposterous personal injury case brought against Black and the FasciaBlaster in which the plaintiff Carol Richter sighted that the “FasciaBlaster tool resulted in an incredible array of physical injuries ranging from “hernia, tinnitus, brain fog/confusion, mood swings, 20-pound weight gain to Hepatitis C.”  

Carol Richter’s case against the FasciaBlaster ended in a stipulated voluntary dismissal, Ms. Richter not getting rewarded one dime of settlement money by the court, and Richter abandoning the case the minute the financial opportunity ceased to exist. Ms. Richter, however, the opportunist that she is, did show up to be a part of the Elson class action lawsuit that also was struck down without seeing a dime of money for the class because the warranty and injury issues they brought to the court as the reasoning behing the lawsuit were all lies that this group of brand haters decided to report to the FDA anonymously, but without any way to prove the issues were real in the court of law.

Ashley Black, her businesses, and the Fasciablaster are, at this moment, free and clear of all lawsuits having been able to fight each and see all the class action allegations and personal injury allegations get thrown out as lies that could not be substantiated by the court and therefore did not deserve a trial.

This is a very interesting turn of events for the class action lawsuit which is usually used by citizens who were truly done wrong by a corporation and this was the only way to receive vindication. In the cases against the FasciaBlaster, the little guy that made up the class was seeking vindication for lies they told and issues that were actually never truly issues for them or for the other million people around the world that own a Fasciablaster tool. Ashley Black and the big bad corporation were the innocent getting dragged through the media’s mud based on lies told by a very small, select group of brand haters.

Luckily, on April 2nd, Ashley Black received an extra helping of justice for all the time and money spent as she finally said adios to these lawsuits altogether. Once again, Ashley Black can focus on her calling to show people the wonders of the Fasciablaster tools and how it improves the daily lives of all who use it regularly.

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