Ashton Kutcher Hates Valentine’s Day, and Julia Roberts Just Gets Naked.

Ashton Kutcher

There’s that subtly titled and potentially cheesy movie called “Valentine’s Day” that’s coming out next week, just two days before the romantic comedy of a holiday itself. I don’t mean that the movie could be cheesy because it’s about Valentine’s Day, but because it’s so star-ridden. Ann Hathoway, Queen Latifah, George Lopez, Jessica Biel, Jamie Fox,Kathy Bates, and the recurring Bradley Cooper. Oh my word. No Gerrard Butler?

So many celebrities in one movie, it must be this year’s Oscar season Hollywood reunion flick (because “He’s Just Not That Into You” didn’t cram enough celebrities into one film).

With so many celebrities being in a single movie about love, though, we’re getting all sorts of advice from this orgy of movie-making; from the stars themselves. Perhaps the career of being an actor and the profession of making romantic movies can, in fact, make you an expert on the subject.

Ashton Kutcher, one member of the “Valentine’s Day” all-star cast, told People Magazine that he hates the holiday all together. Not because he doesn’t love love. Anyone that reads his Twitter stream will testify to the fact that he appears to be overwhelmingly in love, still, with soul-mate Demi Moore.

And that’s kind of the point. Kutcher notes that every day should hold the romance of Valentine’s Day. By the looks of it, he’s eating his own dog food. Or perhaps his attitude towards love and romance has changed since falling for Demi, to both of their surprise.

Then again, maybe you’d like to take a lesson or two from Julia Roberts, another member of the Valentine’s Day marquee. The A-list actress recommends that you get naked on Valentine’s Day, helping to keep the romance alive. After an evening of good food and great wine, do a little strip tease for the love of your life.

Potent prescriptions from the people that would know best–the ones that would love for you to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit and go see their movie. Forget the fact that you just spent too much money traveling to see family and buying gifts during the Christmas season. Why not resolve to make Valentine’s Day a relatively cheap date by going to see the movie? Then you can grab some food, some drinks, and go home to strip for each other.

Actually, that doesn’t sound half bad. I do love a good melodramatic romance movie with way too many actors to comfortably fit on the movie bill. And no, I’m not being sarcastic. AMC theaters have $5 matinées by my house. I might as well save a few extra bucks for a second bottle of wine–we’ll have all day to eat, drink and strip after such an early show. I am so ready for the big V.

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