Aubrey O’Day Addresses Peep Show Pics, Perez Hilton Calls Her a Quitter

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Perez Hilton called Aubrey O’Day a quitter for pulling out of the Peep Show show tonight. If anything, such an appellation from Perez should be considered a compliment.

The singer faced her first encounter with nude photos leakage, according to her own statements, and like many other “stars” before her she felt embarrassed. The show meant a lot for her when she did the shooting:

“That night was one of the most empowering, emotional, and liberating moments of my life. I left the venue on such a high from performing only for that feeling to be taken away from me an hour later with a certain bloggers negativity.”

The singer didn’t name the bloggers whose “negativity” led to such a decision, but it’s no secret that the world has already seen the 25-year-old singer nude in more than one occasion. So what’s the big deal?

aubrey o'day posing for playboy

Should all nude pictures that “leak” be carefully photoshopped? Aubrey felt “bad about her body” when un-retouched nude pictures of her hit the web: “It made me feel bad. It made me feel insecure about my body, and unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that I’ve felt this way in this industry.”

Aubrey O’Day obviously needed a carefully crafted PR campaign, and instead she gave us a despicable cliché – I already discussed the “dirty pics leak” approach to branding in a past editorial.

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