Will the Aurora Shootings Make Us Change?

ronn torossian - aurora shootingsThe horrific shooting incident in before the showing of The Dark Night Rises in Aurora, Colorado has shocked the world. As our fantastic entertainment creativity metes over into the phsical world, in both wondrous and sometimes disastrous ways, the media industry has responded with more questions than answers.

Twelve people lost their lives on Friday and others now fight for their lives in what is one of the most bizarre shooting events ever. For the PR and communications industry, and for the public, the Dark Knight sage is now a very real, very shadowy dynamic, one that could change everything.

Ronn Torossian’s office emailed us moments ago to provide video via YouTube of the veteran PR guru’s take, on things to come for media. Now in crisis mode, American media machines have been thrown into a cauldron filled with emotion, disbelief, political gameplaying, and a public reaction still seeking steady ground to settle on. From the White House to the house next door, millions really do not know what to think. As for

Comparisons between Columbine and the Aurora Theater incident are a natural synthesis for analysts and news people to iterate. But Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, one of movie-dom’s most popular ever series, cannot now be mentioned without a gut wrenching intonation, reflection, just a few miles down the road from the Colombine incident – not only can children not be ensured of safety, but people relaxing at the movies may never – well, many will not relax for a long while.

Warner Brothers Pictures has reach out to the victims of this tragedy, and as Ronn Torossian suggests, the way films will be marketed this Summer, in light of this tragedy, will simple have to be altered. Warner Brothers and the other entertainment giants, will end up spending many more millions figuring appropriate and acceptable solutions to get the news out about their wares.

And too, as 5WPR’s CEO suggests in the CBS Insider  piece, the news cycle and the marketing strategy cycle mirror one another. As the acute pains of this tragedy are dampened over time, and after future events, studios will probably just go back to selling things the way they always have. Calls for stricter gun control laws, beefed up security and so on, may end up in the same zero sum game. We have to face facts, not a lot has changed where the public’s desire for action, guns, and even violence goes. If wars and disaster of monumental proportions cannot change the way we look at things, we may be destined for many more such incidents.

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