Big Tech CSR Can Unleash Major Social Change

2018-10-04 by Adam Jiwan
Adam Jiwan and Big Tech CSR

In the United States, disappointment over the political system has led many Americans to look elsewhere for leadership on social change. This stands in stark contrast with the visionary leadership offered by the CEOs of the largest tech firms. Perhaps this is why there was talk of Mark Zuckerberg running for president (at least, that is, before the Cambridge Analytica debacle). One might even say that the reach and financial scale of these companies is so vast that they may as well be considered akin to governments. The annual revenue of the ten leading tech firms in the United States... Read More >

Impact Investing: Making Social Good Pay Well

2018-09-24 by Adam Jiwan
Adam Jiwan - Value Investing

In 2007, the Rockefeller Center convened philanthropists and investors at a convention center in the small Italian town of Bellagio. Responsible investing had already been a concept – shielding money from businesses believed to cause harm – but it was at this gathering that the more active term of “impact investing” was coined. Within a year, the Foundation opened a fund with $38 million behind it. So what is impact investing, anyhow? Impact Investing Goes Beyond The Do-No-Harm Approach of Responsible Investing Instead, it actively seeks to make a positive impact on the world while also making a profit for... Read More >

WealthTech – Changing the Investment Landscape

2018-09-05 by Adam Jiwan

New technology is transforming the way we manage wealth. What has become known as “wealthtech” now permeates consumer wealth management (through robo-advisors and micro investing platforms) as well as institutional wealth management (through brokerage and advisory software). Digital investment solutions represent the future, offering what Forbes touts as a method for delivering superior products at a better price.   Automated Advisors Take Center Stage The robo-adviser segment is growing rapidly. Investment software allows robo-advisers to reach out to investors to advise on money management, offering low account minimums and affordable advisory fees. CBI Insights reports that in a context where... Read More >

Social Entrepreneurship Taking Root Around the World

2018-08-08 by Adam Jiwan

  From the inner city streets of Detroit to the African plains, social entrepreneurs make their living by making life better for someone else. It counts as a trend that is taking root in various spots around the world. Social entrepreneurs start businesses that promote volunteerism, fight poverty, and work to put an end to the AIDS/ HIV crisis. The reason behind this recent phenomena is relatively straightforward. When you do good for others, you feel good. Take the socially-conscious; they feel better when purchasing products and services from companies that reflect a similar worldview and the same set of... Read More >

Can Blockchain Technology End the Threat of Online Personal Data Theft?

2018-06-15 by Adam Jiwan
Blockchain and Identity Theft

  Technology has been evolving at an alarming rate for more than a decade, and now more than ever people use personal, portable devices like their laptops and smartphones to buy and sell goods/ services in marketplaces online. Personal information tends to flow more freely than one might hope due to the familiarity of the websites that you are using.  It’s only after the theft has occurred that we heed the warnings and begin to take proper care of ourselves and our personal information. Only after our identity has been lifted and the crime successfully committed, do we encounter every... Read More >