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Liz Claman of Fox Business Network Defines Business Sexy

Anchor Liz Claman offers her recipe for being sexy without detracting from the news she reports. Desribed as one of the most “camera ready” lady on the news, Claman is really more concerned with the issues than she is with her sex appeal. Perhaps this is so because her “method” has been honed so well she does not have to think about it. For this writer, I would never have thought such a big deal would be made out of something every “Hollywood” news lady would know?

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Mercedes Benz Sales Still Plummeting, And It’s No Wonder

Daimler’s Mercedes Benz may be in be trouble. Conflicting sales numbers and inadvisable or failed deals spotlight a company struggling to get its feet back under it. In a failing economy, amid losses of jobs everywhere, can Mercedes afford to depart from their core expertise? From failed customer support to failed partnerships Daimler may need to look into new leadership rather than new markets like China.

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Bonobos PR: The Ultimate DIY

Bonobos has yet to hire a professional PR company and they have done an excellent job of paying attention to their clients and listening to what they want and need. More companies could stand to take a page from their book and become more interactive on social media.

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Makovsky + Company, Cutting Edge Digital Communication, Almost

Makovsky + Company is one of the world’s leading PR and investment consultancies. We intended to evaluate the company’s online digital presence, and found some real pluses and on the other end of the spectrum, a few surprising minuses which indicate “loose ends” with regard to the company’s branding online.