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Los Angeles News Media Dumbfounded by 4.4 Quake

2010-03-17 by benito09102015
Los Angeles Earthquake everything-pr

Okay, it's normal for earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions to make the news - any maybe even normal for reporters to be struck dumb too. This may be especially true if the news person is in proximity to potential disaster, but what if there is no disaster? California reports in the aftermath of a small magnitude 4.4 earthquake there reveal the depth of dumb-founded-ness for writers. It is simply bad PR to under report or over report disaster warnings. The world wakes up or goes to bed worrying if total annihilation is on its doorstep, well at least some... Read More >

Holiday Inn’s Ultimate Hospitality, Human Bed Warmers

2010-01-24 by benito09102015
Holiday inn Public Relations

In travel news a heart warming story from Manchester England tells of a unique innovation by none other than Holiday Inn. According to the news, guests in  London and Manchester can now have a human bedwarmer. You read that right, human beings to warm your bed with their body heat. Talk about luxurious and exclusive service. Holiday Inn's efforts to warm up sleepy visitors to England's frigid temperatures this year go beyond heartwarming into a sort of "fuzzy decadence" for hotels. On request, Holiday Inn will have members of its staff climb into furry suits, and then slip between your... Read More >

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