Bizo’s First Reports of Profit Encourage B2B Marketing

2010-01-12 by EPR Staff

Business-to-business ad network Bizo has reported its first profitable month (December, 2009) and a record-hitting revenue run-rate of $5 million. This is good news for small and large businesses, the Internet advertising market, and web publishers, as it acts as encouraging news for the industry. With a recent round of funding for $6 million, Bizo has been financially validated and enabled to create a database of targeted demographics. This database is what power's Bizo's ability to connect businesses, giving them an environment for networking as well as marketing. As the Internet allows for more web-based businesses, lower overhead has made... Read More >

Parris Communications Tapped by Smashburger Kansas

2010-01-12 by EPR Staff
Parris Communications Inc.

Parris Communications Inc. will now be the agency of record for the Smashburger restaurant chain in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area. The communications firm will be handling the local communications that occur on a daily basis, as well as working on marketing for the "better burger" restaurant. “Smashburger is excited to partner with Parris Communications for our launch in the greater Kansas City area,” says Smashburger Founder Tom Ryan. “Parris will help us introduce burger lovers on both sides of the state line to our ‘burger magic’.” Smashburger has been rapidly expanding over the past few months, working to... Read More >

Adam Schefter Demonstrates ESPN’s Twitter Benefits

2010-01-11 by EPR Staff
Adam Schefter

Twitter can make you go mad. Just ask Adam Schefter, ESPN reporter. After he began tweeting, he realized how addictive it can be. With over 75,000 followers, responding to all of their questions, replies and comments is an overwhelming task. So how can ESPN manage an employee’s Twitter presence, and how will Twitter and similar platforms continue shifting the journalism landscape? In a recent interview with Sporting News, Schefter noted his process for tweeting about breaking news. A story filed by ESPN that’s worthy of a tweet, directing followers to check out the ESPN website or tune to its cable... Read More >

Zuckerberg’s Speech on Facebook Privacy Raise More Questions

2010-01-11 by EPR Staff
mark zuckberg - story of facebook

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is speaking out more openly in regards to the social network's recently implemented decision to make user profiles public by default. At the Crunchies Awards over the weekend, Zuckerberg said that the "social norms towards information privacy are evolving," noting the recent shift towards public forums that make up our online networking environments. Having created Facebook as a heavily guarded network, however, the speculations around Zuckerberg's motive for changing his message are now being questioned. So is Zuckerberg saying that Facebook should have been more like MySpace and all the other faddish social networks... Read More >

Facebook, Bras and Colored Water

2010-01-08 by EPR Staff
Facebook App everything-pr

Facebook and brand marketing. It's becoming more and more evident that the two terms are becoming synonyms. This week we saw a couple of interesting marketing campaigns associated with Facebook's social network: one to raise awareness for breast cancer and another to advertise Vitamin Water's new flavor. The effort to virally raise awareness about breast cancer took place directly on Facebook, asking users to update their status with the color of their bra. The Vitamin Water promotion featured a new flavor called Connect. This new flavor is in fact named for Facebook's network, with the bottles featuring descriptions of commonly... Read More >

Man Blames Facebook for AIDS, Among Other Claims

2010-01-08 by EPR Staff
facebook public relations

While some users may huff and puff about the new Facebook privacy settings, one user in particular is so fed up that he wants to have his profile removed from Facebook all together. His method for going about this social media suicide mission? Getting kicked off. Humorist Adam Clem found himself tired of Facebook's prying eyes, noting an unnerving sensation upon realizing Facebook's similarities to counter-terrorism work. His first strike against Facebook was updating his profile status to read "FACEBOOK HATES ISRAEL." Quite a bold statement indeed. Intended with humor or with a mere desire to earn a bad reputation,... Read More >

Something Massive to Promote Intelliskin

2010-01-08 by EPR Staff
Intelliskin everything-pr

Intelliskin has just selected Something Massive to work as their agency of record. Something Massive is going to be working on a number of areas, which include branding, logo and website design, and the continued positioning of the company's brand. This will all be done digitally, as per Something Massive's proven techniques. “We are thrilled to be working with such a quality product and look forward to matching Intelliskin's product innovation with marketing innovation,” commented Dana Neujahr, Something Massive's Executive Director of Client Services. Intelliskin is a line of sports clothing designed to help optimize posture, muscle balance, breathing and... Read More >

How Will Businesses Control Employees Social Media Behavior

2010-01-07 by EPR Staff
Employee Social Media Behavior

Social networking is expected to be more integrated into the business world, but how that will actually play out is yet to be determined. The questions of when and how will it work, and to who's advantage are all questions that we will be debating in the coming year, with a good amount of experimentation to fuel development and interest around business-oriented social networking. On the one hand, there are new ways in which businesses can use social networks for marketing, advertising, sharing news and updates about their products and services, manage a PR crisis, or communicate on a more... Read More >

Social Media Creating Bold, New Criminals

2010-01-07 by EPR Staff
Craig Lynch criminal everything-pr

It turns out, Craig Lynch may very well be the John Dillinger of the new age. I jokingly made a similar remark when first reporting on Lynch's fugitive protagonism, but weeks later the story is still very real. And Craig Lynch? He's growing in popularity. Months after escaping a low-security prison outside of Suffolk, England, Lynch began to gain attention as a criminal on the run. the attention came from his updated statuses on his Facebook profile. Now with thousands of people following him on Facebook and MySpace, Craig Lynch has become the modern version of a folk hero. Lynch... Read More >

Create, Send, Track Email Campaigns with Swiftpage

2010-01-07 by EPR Staff
swiftpage reports

Swiftpage is one of those "must have" or "must use" applications for professional communicators. In this age dominated by real-time communications, video conferencing, webinars, Twitter, Facebook and Google Wave, email marketing still has its place. This is what Swiftpage is all about: smart email marketing strategies. This is a company that carefully selects its customers, to ensure that it is never associated with spammy techniques. The service provided, a combination application and online platform, is richer than other email marketing solutions available, and the costs for communicators are kept as low as possible. Swiftpage offers a stand-alone online email service... Read More >

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