Four Ways Law Firms can Maximize Online Marketing

2019-01-08 by Jade Minh

Getting more traffic on your website, more phone calls, and more ongoing referrals is essential to building a client base in a law firm. Between Google, Facebook, SEO and online reviews, there are a lot of things to consider when determining what marketing tactics work for your law firm. Your marketing plan should always begin with an aim to build a reputable brand and website. This should be followed by strategies to bring people to your website and hopefully convert them into loyal clients. The best way to achieve a strong and loyal client base is to create a brand... Read More >

A Guide to Customer Acquisition

2019-01-06 by Jade Minh

For many businesses, sales can be an unpredictable beast to conquer; oftentimes, attracting new customers feels more like a game of chance than one of public relations strategy. Even so, if you want to consistently grow as a business, you need to start thinking about customer acquisition as a process, rather than an outcome. You need to consider how to systematically acquire new customers, assess the cost of getting them through the door, and how much money you can reasonably expect each one to spend. Customer acquisition is the finding and convincing of prospective shoppers to buy from your business... Read More >

Three tips on building a strong tech brand

2018-12-24 by Jade Minh

“A brand that captures your mind gains behavior and a brand that captures your heart gains commitment”, according to the brand strategist Scott Talgo. This definitely holds true for developing brands across different industries. In the tech industry, branding has been a hot topic lately with tech companies dominating the top brand charts - think of Google, Apple, Facebook or Amazon among a few. Having a strong brand means you’ve differentiated yourself from your competitors and you’re easily recognized amongst the plethora of tech products in circulation. This translates into greater trust, more loyalty, and better conversion rates. Here are... Read More >

Marketers aren’t Ready for Digital Change

2018-12-19 by Jade Minh

Last month, the Digital Marketing Institute released the results of their study, which revealed that most marketing professionals are not prepared for digital change. This report titled ‘20/20 Vision: A Marketing Leader’s View of Digital’s Future’ included insights regarding challenges to the marketing industry after surveying over 2000 executives and senior marketing professionals worldwide. According to the report, 82% of respondents think that their company needs to invest in staff development and training to remain competitive in this day and age. As digital technology continues to evolve, capabilities and technological know-how of employees continue to dwindle, which means many company’s lag behind.... Read More >

Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation Issues Website RFP

2018-12-12 by Jade Minh
Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation Issues Website RFP

Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation Issues Website RFP We are seeking proposals to modernize the design, function and identity of our website at The objective is to meet our immediate need for a responsive and engaging website with a small non-profit budget while laying the best groundwork to move forward with larger future goals envisioning an expansion of service. Background: Established in 1974, the Saskatchewan Council forInternational Cooperation is a small non-profit, charitable organization comprised of members (organizations and individuals) and supporters working for global cooperation, justice and peace. We are actively connected to larger networks and partners with... Read More >

Reblonde: Profile of Israeli PR Firm

2018-04-18 by Jade Minh
Profile Of Blonde 2.0: Israeli PR Firm

ReBlonde is an award-winning PR agency headquartered in Israel. The company is headed by Motti Peer (CEO) and Alona Stein (VP).  ReBlonde consists of a team of more than 20 professionals, with expertise in Healthtech, Cyber Security, Consumer tech, Crypto-Currency and Blockchain. The brand has several exciting launches and awards under their belt, and over the years, they’ve been able to gain the experience required to help a range of companies achieve their business goals. The organization also has a special unit called “BlondeChain” which supports the various requirements of modern crypto companies. ReBlonde has worked and is still working... Read More >

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