Vicaria Multicultural Agency Feature Q & A

Today, an interview with the CEO & Founder of Vicaria Multicultural Agency: Priscila Martinez. Priscila Martinez is a marketing, creative communications, and public relations professional based in Los Angeles. She is CEO and founder of three award-winning, global creative … [Read more...]

Increasing Sales with Digital Marketing

One of the most effective ways to reach a target audience is through digital marketing, which allows businesses to drive traffic to the company’s website, close sales, and generate high-quality leads. To create a good digital marketing strategy that will result in business growth, businesses have to … [Read more...]

Agency Diversity Efforts: Are They Working?

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Like many companies and brands, ad agencies, too, responded to events of last year and called for diversity and inclusion with various initiatives. Agencies were probably driven to act more quickly after the CEO of The Richards Group made what even many of his staff felt were racist remarks during a … [Read more...]

Conversation with Judith R. King of King + Company

Judith R. King is the founder and owner of King + Company, one of the industry’s leading independent public relations and strategic marketing firms.  She stands at the forefront of her New York-based firm’s commitment to bring together the best of traditional and digital public relations, … [Read more...]

Seeking a Leader

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One of the marketing strategies that rose sharply during the pandemic was the use of influencers particularly if it helped consumers cope or if it entertained them. How-to tutorials ranked highest among U.S. and UK respondents in a May 2020 survey of what they wanted to see more of in influencers. A … [Read more...]

Marketing RFP Issued By CDC Foundation

Lessons from the CDC about Crisis Communications

Heart attacks and strokes can be catastrophic, life-changing events that are all too common. Heart disease and stroke are preventable, yet they remain the leading causes of death, disability and healthcare spending in the U.S. Alarmingly, many of these events happen to adults ages 35-64–over 800,000 … [Read more...]