Trachtenberg & Co. Agency Profile

 If there’s one thing which can be assured of when it comes to Trachtenberg & Co., it’s that the popular New York firm will quickly and appropriately adapt with the times when needed to best serve its clients. After successful careers at the New York Times and Mademoiselle, Jacquie Trachtenberg launched her own boutique agency […]

Public Relations Predictions From Tiller Marketing, onePRgroup & More…

We asked marketing executives what the future of public relations is, and here are the answers we got:  Cat Nilsson of onePRgroup said, “Public Relations has always been vital for businesses in order to increase brand awareness and their credibility with their target audience, and because of the inherent purpose behind it, I only see […]

Fox Loses Advertisers Over Carlson Remarks

Fox News opinion anchors are known for pushing the limits to both entertain and engage their audiences. One of the most successful in recent years has been Tucker Carlson, whose deadpan delivery, often accompanied by expressions of shock and disbelief, have captured the attention of a significant nightly audience. However, recent comments by Carlson have […]


It is the intent of this Informal Request for Proposal (IRFP) to seek one or more qualified organizations with the expertise and experience to provide the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency (HCSA) with social marketing services, including the development of communication assets and tools to assist in the Agency’s COVID-19 pandemic response. The selected […]

Q&A with Novita Communications’ Christine Abbate

Novità Communications, an award-winning integrated marketing and communications agency that caters to the architecture and design communities and is headquartered in Tribeca NYC. A certified WBE, Novità has been recognized since 2017 as one of Observer’s PR Power 50 Agencies. Prior to founding Novità in 1996, Christine was Director of Marketing & Promotion for the Italian […]

Get ink, Fresh Pressed PR and Others Opine on PR’s Future

In these crazy times, many experts have what to say on what the future of public relations looks like.  Here are the thoughts from some industry leaders. Mirjam Lippuner from Get ink said, “The future of PR is a more back-to-basics approach. During the pandemic we’ve all had time to think about what is essential to […]

NBA Legend Robinson Speaks Out about Race in America

david robinson

As protests continue across the nation, many prominent brands are making public statements about race relations, and many individual influencers are also speaking out. This has come to include many former household names who have not been in the spotlight for many years. One of the most recent is NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson. […]

How Podcasting and SEO Intersect


Did you know there are more than 2 million podcasts on the web today? It’s evident, podcasts are here to stay and any online marketer should consider starting one. If you have a podcast or are thinking about starting one, you might want to learn about its relation to search engine optimization (SEO). Do podcasts […]

EASTWEST Public Relations Feature

In our continued discussions with leaders in our industry, today we are featuring an exclusive Q&A with Jim James, Founder and Managing Director, EASTWEST Public Relations. The following are the thoughts of a smart, powerful Public Relations executive. How did jumping out of a plane start your career in PR?  At the age of 18 I […]

Benefits of Buying Instagram Followers

The way that content is shared online was greatly revolutionized by Instagram – this is a platform that allows its users to share images and videos, as well as comment on posts and even follow individual hashtags that they’re interested in. With all of the features that this social media platform offers its users, it’s […]