Transmedia campaigns

2021-12-01 by Jim Crickell
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A transmedia campaign is the practice of crafting a campaign across multiple media platforms, where each medium makes a unique contribution to the campaign. The campaign can use any combination of media including video games, blog entries, webapps, online videos, blog entries, movies and advertisements. Storytelling that takes place in such a way needs to make sense to the audience as parts of a homogenous world, with shared constituents such as visual elements, storylines and characters. Such a type of campaign has been adopted by marketers to promote brands and products. Ways to run a transmedia campaign - In a... Read More >

Creative RFP Issued By Michigan Advocacy Program

2021-12-01 by Jim Crickell
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The Michigan Advocacy Program (MAP) issues this RFP to hire a graphic designer to help update and upgrade the design elements of the website (MLH website), along with redesign of the existing Self-Help Center brochure template, MLHP rack card, and business card, and creation of design elements for letterhead, slide decks, and social media. The MLH website was created in 2010, launched in 2012, and currently has ~60,000 visits per week. The purpose of the website is to provide the people of Michigan with high quality legal information and self-help tools, including an interactive triage and referral system and... Read More >

Communications RFP Issued By Invisible Children

2021-11-27 by Jim Crickell
Invisible Children Official Logo

Invisible Children is seeking an experienced and dynamic communications professional or team to oversee the full design, content creation, and production of the organization’s Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report. Applicants responding to this Request for Proposals (RFP) should have experience in marketing and/or public relations communications, as well as designing and creating high-quality, compelling, and visually appealing reports. Communications experience with non-profit institutions is preferred. The final Annual Report product should be prepared and submitted to Invisible Children as a printable booklet in PDF format, suitable to view online or to be downloaded for printing. Scope of Work: + Product... Read More >

Baltimore Metropolitan Council Issues PR RFP

2021-11-26 by Jim Crickell

The Baltimore region averages over 1,900 pedestrian and 400 bicycle crashes each year, resulting in an average of 58 fatalities per year (2015- 2019). In 2019, 61 pedestrians were killed and over 1,800 injured in motor vehicle crashes in the region. Despite the pandemic and the significant drop in volume and vehicle miles traveled in 2020, the region saw an increase in the number of pedestrian crashes and fatalities. On average, the Baltimore region represents 46% of the total fatalities and more than half of all crashes and injuries across Maryland. Between 2015-2019, 82.5 percent of all injury and fatal... Read More >

Rhode Island Commerce Corporation Seeks Tourism Public Relations and Advertising Agency

2021-11-25 by Jim Crickell
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The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation (“Corporation”) seeks proposals from qualified firms to provide further development and implementation of the State of Rhode Island’s brand to, among other things, (1) promote tourism and (2) provide general advertising services through public relations efforts, advertising campaigns, social media development and digital services media buying. The results of these efforts will benefit businesses, as well as in-state Destination Marketing Organizations by increasing tourism revenue and, on a larger scale, increasing the employment base for the State. PROJECT OVERVIEW The Corporation seeks a firm(s) able to develop an advertising campaign; grow public relations strategy; expand... Read More >

Town of Old Saybrook Issues Marketing RFP

2021-11-18 by Jim Crickell

The Town of Old Saybrook (the “Town”) is seeking to engage a marketing or PR firm. Like many communities in the Northeast, Old Saybrook was impacted by the loss of life, economic disruption and social strains caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some businesses were forced to close, while others opened amidst uncertainty or pivoted their business models. Old Saybrook is seeking to rebound from the pandemic and pursue a focused recovery of innovative revitalization programs. The Town will form an ARPA Advisory Committee and is seeking additional support from consultants, individuals, or firms in these three areas: 1) Planning and... Read More >

Communications RFP Issued By NYCEDC

2021-11-18 by Jim Crickell
NYCEDC – New York City Economic Development Corp Seeks Marketing Agency & PR Firm

NYCEDC and Mayor’s Office of Climate and Sustainability (MOC&S) are seeking a consultant to evolve the GreeNYC brand visually and tonally while adhering to the program’s mission with the goal of extending its impact and helping conceive and execute a year‐long integrated marketing program. Background: Since its inception in 2007, GreeNYC has used a data‐driven approach to inform its outreach efforts to engage New Yorkers in voluntary behavior change to help realize policy goals or fill in  gaps created by absent or recently initiated policies. In this regard, GreeNYC functions at the intersection of sustainability, local government, and resident engagement.... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By Aiken Technical College

2021-11-18 by Jim Crickell
aiken technical

Aiken Technical College is seeking proposals from qualified offerors to provide Marketing & Creative Design Services to review and update the College’s logo, branding, signage and visual identity. The overall creative services efforts are to maximize the use of marketing and promotional agendas to increase the Aiken Technical College brand recognition overall. Background: Marketing Goals: The overall goal of the ATC marketing effort is to evaluate, anticipate, and where possible, predict the rapidly-changing demographics and other characteristics of students considering enrollment in any program that is offered by Aiken Technical. Ongoing and significant changes in student perception and habits, and... Read More >

Marketing for architecture firms

2021-11-17 by Jim Crickell
how to market your architecture firm 5 best tips

With the process of advertising being revolutionized and reinvented, architecture firms are also using new strategies. With the help of online marketing, architecture firms can reach prospective clients. Digital channels provide cost effective solutions for client engagement and can be ideal for communicating what makes a firm stand out. For some time now, architects have relied on word-of-mouth.   The online world is becoming increasingly important for developing business. The ways by which architecture firms can stand out from competition and thrive are given below. 1) Content marketing - It is important to create a content marketing plan for websites and... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By Town of Mountain Village

2021-11-16 by Jim Crickell

The Town of Mountain Village (“the Town”) invites all interested, qualified companies or firms to submit responses to this Request for Proposal (RFP) seeking companies capable of providing a full range of comprehensive destination marketing, brand marketing and brand management services for the Town. The Town of Mountain Village is committed to implementing marketing plans that will promote responsible tourism and travel to the area. The successful consultant must demonstrate extensive knowledge and understanding of how to create and implement a comprehensive marketing program strategy for a outdoor recreation focused community and economy to fulfill the objectives of the Town.... Read More >

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