Marketing Tips for Restaurants

2021-10-20 by Jim Crickell
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These days, there are so many restaurants all over the world, that the competition is quite fierce, and the most successful locations are the ones that can give it their all. That’s why restaurants have to employ strong marketing strategies and tactics, that will improve their business, get the attention of consumers, and help them grow. Photography Plenty of people these days are already on Instagram, and anyone that’s ever been on the platform has familiarized themself with the abundance of food photos. Categorized using a variety of food-related hashtags, one of the best ways that restaurants can promote themselves... Read More >

Inclusivity in Marketing: LGBTQ+ Advertising Dos and Don’ts

2021-10-13 by Jim Crickell
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Why create an entire campaign geared towards the LGBTQ+ community? How about their over $1 Trillion in buying power in the US today? To top that, the median income of a same-sex couple is 23% above that of straight households. And most importantly to a business? LGBTQ+ consumers are more than twice as loyal to brands they trust. However, plenty of companies still struggle in their approach to advertising and incorporating LGBTQ+ audiences in their efforts. Between including certain groups of LGBTQ+ representation in their campaigns and failing to include or even target all others, there’s plenty of room for... Read More >

Communications RFP Issued By San Juan Water Conservancy District

2021-10-13 by Jim Crickell
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The San Juan Water Conservancy District (SJWCD) invites proposals from qualified parties to provide consulting services for: (1) community engagement expertise to develop a strategy for community education and communication on water issues that impact our region and also promotes the ability of the SJWCD to achieve all stated goals identified in our 2021 Strategic Plan; (2) coordination of community feedback panels to develop effective messaging on water issues; (3) development of education and communication materials including graphic artwork brochures, presentations, articles for publication, and online distribution Background: The San Juan Water Conservancy District (SJWCD) was formed on October 22,... Read More >

PR Efforts in the Food Industry

2021-10-12 by Jim Crickell

Since every single company has its own story to share with the public, each business should have its own PR campaign so that story can reach the right people. When it comes to the food industry in particular, and more specifically, restaurants, there is a set of strategies that can be very beneficial when looking to reach more people. Influencer Campaigns The current social media age is the prime time for influencer marketing campaigns because influencers are the people who can help businesses effectively create more brand awareness digitally. Restaurants have plenty of options for influencer campaigns. From food bloggers... Read More >

Puns as a device in advertising

2021-10-11 by Jim Crickell

Puns can be useful as a marketing strategy. Despite having a questionable reputation, punning is considered to be among the highest displays of wit. Wordplay can be a powerful strategy for audience engagement. It can be catchy and fun, and can help a brand to stand out from the crowd. However, one has to be careful while using puns, as excessive usage can make a brand seem outdated. Humor, in the midst of pandemic and financial meltdown, can lead to positive feelings and hence more customer engagement.  There are several famous punchlines based on puns. Some examples are, ‘Nothing runs... Read More >

Successful PR Strategies for Startups

2021-10-06 by Jim Crickell

For over a year now, most news cycles have been oversaturated with stories about the pandemic, which, from a PR perspective, made brands stop pitching their own stories to journalists out of respect for what people around the world have been going through. Instead of that approach, plenty of businesses have decided to shift to thought leadership in order to share how the CEOs and founders helped their companies deal with the various pandemic-related challenges. This way, companies could still share information with their target audiences without receiving potentially negative feedback from consumers. When it comes to startups, many of... Read More >

Marketing RFP Issued By The Landmark Trust USA

2021-10-04 by Jim Crickell
The Landmark Trust USA

The Landmark Trust USA is requesting detailed proposals from qualified and experienced respondents to perform client surveys and market research to help guide the organization’s plans to expand to additional locations and inform The Landmark Trust USA’s brand development strategy. Background: The Landmark Trust USA manages five restored historic properties in Vermont as short-term, whole-house vacation rentals, for groups of two to eight people. The Trust’s philosophy of sustainable stewardship relies on the income from short-term vacation rentals to preserve and maintain the integrity of each distinctive building. Each stay at a Landmark Trust USA property supports the core nonprofit... Read More >

Tips on Ranking Higher In Search Engines

2021-10-04 by Jim Crickell
6 Tips to Rank High in Google

Just a few years ago, it was a lot simpler to find businesses on the internet. Searching didn't require any ranking factors, or technical know-how so that people could discover a business in their online searches. However, today, it's a lot more complicated for a business to be discovered on the Internet, partially due to the evolution of Google search algorithms, along with a few other algorithms and factors. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs know that one of the best ways to digitally market a business is through organic search. That means the company should show up as one of the top results... Read More >

Town of Bargersville Brand Development & Marketing Strategy RFP Issued By Bargersville

2021-10-03 by Jim Crickell

Purpose: The Town of Bargersville is seeking brand marketing consulting services to develop a distinctive brand identity and marketing strategy that will define the town to prospective businesses, residents, and visitors. The brand identity will come forth through a process that identifies the town’s existing mix of retail, restaurants, services, cultural and academic institutions, and leverages a singular, compelling message to target audiences. The goal of the branding and marketing program is to develop an integrated marketing communications plan that includes overarching brand awareness efforts as well as guidance for targeted campaigns for select groups, i.e., prospective economic growth targets,... Read More >

Advertising RFP Issued

2021-10-03 by Jim Crickell
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SWACO is now accepting sealed Proposals from qualified vendors for the Save More Than Food Campaign Development, Advertising, and Reporting Services. Do Business With Us and register to download the RFP documents by visiting A. Project Objective. To help Franklin County residents, businesses, schools and other stakeholders reduce their reliance on the landfill through an increased diversion of food waste, SWACO created the Save More Than Food public education campaign which was launched in September 2020. The campaign seeks to create an increased awareness of food waste as an issue in Central Ohio and direct people to available resources,... Read More >

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