Navigating Backlash After Misleading Statements

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The computer hardware magazine recently figured out that the smartphone company, OnePlus, had started doing something unexpected. The company had started throttling the performance of his brand new, flagship smartphone. According to the publication, one of its journalists noticed an inexplicable … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing RFP Issued By Hospital Association

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The Mat-Su Health Foundation (MSHF) is the official business name of Valley Hospital Association, Inc., which shares ownership in Mat-Su Regional Medical Center (MSRMC). In this capacity, the MSHF board members and representatives actively participate in the governance of Mat-Su’s community … [Read more...]

Marketing RFP Issued By Ride Smart

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SMART is the regional bus system in southeast Michigan providing approximately 10 million rides annually to get people to work, school, medical appointments, shopping centers, entertainment and cultural areas. SMART directly operates fixed route, Connector/Americans with Disability Act (ADA) … [Read more...]

Public Relations Cannabis RFP Issued

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High Tide is a retail-focused cannabis company enhanced by the manufacturing and distribution of consumption accessories. The Company is the most profitable Canadian retailer of recreational cannabis as measured by Adjusted EBIDTA, with 89 current locations spanning the Canadian provinces of … [Read more...]

Customer Service Burnout Priorities

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The pandemic was bad enough and then the holidays came upon us. Historically, the last few weeks of the year always bring more stress on people for a multitude of reasons. And for customer service employees, this stress even extends into the new year with the usual crush of holiday gift returns, … [Read more...]

Who Needs PR?

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While plenty of business owners seek  to get as much PR coverage as possible, not everyone needs it as much as they might think. Some industries don’t need to have much PR and might  achieve even more public exposure by investing in their advertising. On the other hand, some industries do best in … [Read more...]

Reviewing Robinhood’s PR Crisis

At the beginning of the year, plenty of young people jokingly bought a small number of shares on the stock market from a failing company that was once a big corporation - GameS top. However, toward the end of January, a group of users on the social media platform Reddit joined together in buying … [Read more...]