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The Hoffman Agency Public Relations 0

The Hoffman Agency

The Hoffman Agency is a technology-focused PR company that supports internet-based and innovative companies around the globe, helping them to find the communication strategies perfect for their promotional campaigns. This company believes that if...


Profile Of Verasolve PR

Verasolve is a PR company committed to the belief that every PR and marketing initiative should generate a positive return on investment. That’s why this organization works alongside clients to develop strategies that are...


Two Deals that Could Shake Up Wall Street

There could be some changes in big companies during 2018 that could have a boomerang effect through major sectors of the market. While no one knows for sure, there are strong rumors that these...


Some Qualities of Excelling CEOs

Being a good leader entails a lot of positive traits, but some that you’ll find in all great CEOs are likely to be perseverance, vision, social awareness, and charitable attributes.

Profile On Lazar Partners 0

Profile On Lazar Partners

The people behind Lazar Partners founded this organization in 2001 to provide the world with a diverse range of strategic and incisive communication and marketing support solutions for some of the world’s most innovative...