Corporate Communications RFP Issued By University Health

2021-10-10 by Julio Juarez
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University Health’s brand efforts over the past six years have significantly elevated brand image, preference and market share. Our employee and community events have played a large role in this achievement and are an important part of our overall brand strategy. University Health is requesting proposals from individuals and/or companies with extensive knowledge and experience working on internal and external events including set-up, signage, representing the brand to members of the public, as well as setting up, demonstrating, disassembling and maintaining large inflatables. Selected vendor must also have experience with managing supply levels and distribution of promotional incentive items. Background:... Read More >


2021-10-10 by Julio Juarez
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Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health is seeking a qualified consultant to develop and implement a comprehensive vaccine communications and marketing plan to catalyze vaccine uptake in disparate populations in Bismarck and Burleigh County. The target audience includes, but may not be limited to: communities within the American Indian, African, Hispanic and local refugee populations, immigrants, uninsured, underinsured and those experiencing multiple barriers to accessing health care including language and cultural barriers. Services will commence in 2021 with a completion date no later than December 31, 2022 and will be funded through the Health Equity Immunization Grant award. Background: A contract will be... Read More >

The Importance of Creative Content in PR

2021-10-07 by Julio Juarez
Creative Content Get Punchy Even If Your Niche Might Be A Little Boring

Many PR professionals believe that one of the worst things that content can result in is offending people or causing them to find the content ridiculous.   However, that’s not the case. The worst thing that PR professionals can do with creative content is to have their stories ignored by the public  by making the content bland and boring. The best way to avoid this issue is by using creative content that engages audiences and gets them more excited about a company’s products or services. Getting and Keeping Attention Providing target audiences with creative content means content that is going to... Read More >


2021-10-04 by Julio Juarez
lane electric office

LANE ELECTRIC is seeking proposals from qualified contractors to assist with conducting a Wildfire Public Education Campaign, assist with the facilitation of town hall meetings, and provide on-call communications and outreach services. The objective of the RFP is to secure the services of an experienced contractor who is capable of leading public outreach and education efforts around wildfire safety including the concept of Public Safety Power Shutoff events. The successful proposer must be capable of assembling, directing, and managing a workforce that can successfully execute a public outreach and education campaign according to all applicable rules and regulations. Scope of... Read More >

Website RFP Issued By City of Maysville

2021-10-02 by Julio Juarez
Skyline of Maysville Kentucky 2007

The City of Maysville seeks to engage the services of a qualified firm or individual to provide design and content management services for two new websites that would both represent the city. One site would primarily focus on city government, and the other would focus on tourism. The City’s goal is to create websites that successfully promote our brand, facilitate a user-friendly environment for accessing municipal services, create easy communication between the City, citizens and visitors, and simplify content management while meeting high standards for design quality and visual appeal. The new websites will serve as the public face of... Read More >

Navigating a Marketplace With a Damaged Reputation

2021-09-30 by Julio Juarez

The top executive at Activision Blizzard announced that he would be leaving the company almost two weeks after the video game company was hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit by regulators in California. The president of the Blizzard division of the game company announced his resignation to staff members, and then the company released a public statement. Blizzard stated that the president would be leaving to pursue other opportunities. Two other executive vice presidents have now been named as co-leaders of the Blizzard Division, both of whom have previously been working on other popular games such as World of Warcraft... Read More >

Top Advice For Dynamic Ads

2021-09-30 by Julio Juarez
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Similar to the traditional text-based campaigns, dynamic search ads are a different powerful ad campaign that allow companies to expand their coverage and drive more website traffic. However, it’s essential for businesses to set these ad campaigns up the right way; otherwise they won’t net the desired results. The main difference between traditional campaigns and dynamic ones is using the company’s own website or a product feed instead of relying only on keywords. The Google algorithm already matches the questions from users with results that contain relevant keywords, but with dynamic ads the algorithm will be showing users the products... Read More >

Marketing Strategies for Software Companies

2021-09-29 by Julio Juarez
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These days with the exponential growth of technologies, software, and numerous Internet companies, the way a new solution is marketed to consumers ends up being crucial to a company's success. Simply releasing an excellent product is no longer enough. These days companies have to market and promote their solutions, activities, as well as build brand awareness with the target audience to drive lead acquisition and stay at the front of consumers’ minds. Fortunately, software companies can get a large number of clients and stay ahead of the competition by personalizing the buying journey and optimizing the entire sales funnel. Agile... Read More >


2021-09-25 by Julio Juarez
California Panoramic View of a Neighborhood in Orange County California

The purpose of this RFQ is to select a contractor to assist the Communications and Marketing Analyst with frequent marketing tasks that require attention with a quick turnaround and match the current City marketing material designs. The City of Cypress requests proposals from qualified firms to assist our Communications and Marketing Strategists with frequent City projects ranging from event videos, photography, copywriting, marketing material creation, monitoring social media platforms, editing website information, creating content for social channels, and developing assets for the web. The selected firm will have personnel available Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm and... Read More >

Drive to Expand Automation and Robotics Adoption in Thailand

2021-09-21 by Julio Juarez
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Thailand is home to lots of automotive plants, and the Asian country is a popular spot for manufacturing tech products because of the use of robots in production. Thailand only trails Singapore as the largest market for A&R in the Asian region, and as such is a popular destination for manufactured robotics products. Thailand has undergone several industrial revolutions recently. There was one that focused on manufacturing, another on computers and chips. The latest is all about coding and artificial intelligence. This era has seen the rise and adoption of high-tech smart factories that use industrial robotics, the Internet of... Read More >

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