Businesses Can Learn from Carol Cone’s Principles

Carol Cone’s Purpose Principles

Carol Cone has built a career around the idea of purpose. In a world that has rapidly progressed to a need for social transparency, particularly from businesses both large and small, Cone has seen an area for her to assist. Through her business, Cone collaborates with clients to help drive their brand purpose forward — and […]

Online Reputation Management Makes the Internet Safer

In the digital age, living part of your life online isn’t just a convenience — it’s practically a necessity. We find our apartments on Facebook, scroll through potential dates on Tinder, and apply for job interviews on LinkedIn. Day-to-day life is more convenient, searchable, and organized than ever before. However, this scroll-and-swipe ease comes at […]

Minorities Will Outnumber The Majority by 2040

The U.S. Census Bureau recently reported that sometime in 2020, the number of minority children in our country will outnumber white children and that around 2040, the total number of minorities will outnumber whites.  Other data indicates that four out of ten millennials are non-white and that generation Z (1995-2012) is about 50%.  Yet another […]


FACTORY PR? What do Hyundai and Factory PR have in common?  Aside from an assembly line at Hyundai and being a client of Factory PR, absolutely nothing.  Factory PR is a New York city-based firm that not only represents automaker Hyundai, but also companies in the lifestyle, wellness, retail, hospitality, technology, and apparel industries.  As […]

General Management in Today’s Tech Oriented Business Model

The role of the executive has changed drastically over the last decade. The social media platforms have produced a more transparent and interactive executive role. The influencers of social media, are many times the CEO’s and General Managers of large, growing companies, with tech orientated roots. For many, who rise to the heights of influence […]

Coupon Clippers

Wednesday’s newspapers historically continue to be thick but that may change. Wednesday used to be when a lot of supermarkets advertise because the local food section also features delectable recipes. But as society evolved and more stores opened on Sunday, many food stores began running Sunday ads. Many now advertise on both Wednesday and Sunday […]

Important Leadership and Management Skills for Success


All project leaders and office managers need to positively interact with team members. As much as communication is a big part of the interaction, employees also need to be motivated, respond to feedback, and solve problems in the workplace. Here are the skills that make a strong leader: Communication  Clear and succinct communication makes it […]

Stop! Thief!

That may have been the cry until earlier this month when the latest appeals court decision that web scraping doesn’t break anti-trust laws. LinkedIn lost its two-year legal battle with a private company that it had blocked from its site for allegedly stealing publicly available data from its website. How Does It Affect My Organization? […]

What Happened To Gas Prices

Recent news of drone strikes on the world’s largest oil processing plant in Saudi Arabia not only caused an immediate spike in gasoline prices at the pump but are also causing other issues. In the meantime, observers say it will be weeks before the operation is back to normal. Companies involved in transportation, as well […]

“We Need An Apartheid-Style Boycott To Save The Planet”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu penned those words about 5 ½ years ago as part of an opinion piece published in The Guardian, a London-based newspaper. Despite the release earlier this month of a CBS News poll indicating that a majority of Americans want climate change addressed now, progress has been very slow. Its Roots Friday, September […]