Top Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

As the founder of successful production company Modern Producers, Adrian Wood has a thing or two to say about building a workable subscription model. And a growing business. The key, he says, is putting himself in the position of the customers and determining what an up and coming producer would need to get started. With […]

Writing an Automated Email Campaign

Email marketing automation is an excellent customer retention tool for online businesses. Even so, many businesses don’t have much idea which automated email campaigns are worth prioritizing and testing. There is a major upside to adopting email marketing: this method of marketing typically generates the highest return on investment (ROI) out of the most common […]

Making it in PR in 2019

A career in public relations has long been portrayed as a glamorous career path, filled to bursting with designer products, elaborate parties, and upper-tier clientele. Take Samantha Jones from Sex in the City, for example. She was a powerful woman with a long lunching habit and looked picture perfect at all times (except for that […]

Top Free Video Editing Programs for 2019

Good video editing software can really showcase your products from every angle, helping you produce professional videos across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Fortunately, there are a number of easy-to-use video editing programs available, many for free, that can truly help you stand out from your competition. Well-produced product videos are a more engaging […]

This Summer, Try An Online Public Relations Course

Public relations can make or break a business – large or small. Good PR skills are also a vital tool for a range of professions, from politicians to radio presenters, or anyone trying to promote an idea or product. The internet is packed with bursting with online courses offering to help you improve your PR […]

Cheap and Ethical: Mutually Exclusive Branding?

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The global fashion industry is facing an existential crisis: after exploding across the globe in search of ever-cheaper places to manufacture its treasures, stories of worker abuses are as depressing as they are consistent: violence, brutally long hours, unpaid wages, dangerous conditions, and perpetual poverty. Last year, workers at an Indian factory known for supplying […]

Why Explosive Growth Can Be a Recipe for Marketing Disaster

Launching a new business can be a nerve-wracking but exciting experience. Every business owner wants to see their product or service take off quickly, bringing in the crowds and corresponding revenue. But there is such a thing as too much, too soon. Why is this? Often, brands don’t do the proper preparation for a major […]

Avoiding Micromanagement

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The concept of attention to detail is one of the most lauded skills listed on many employees’ resumes. Attention to detail and organization is also a vital component to any set of leadership skills. However, all too often managers and leaders step over the line of “organized” and into the realm of micromanagement. How does […]

How to Run an Instagram Contest

Whether you’re a well-established brand or just getting started, an Instagram contest is an increasingly popular social media strategy – and for good reason. Everyone loves freebies, and Instagram contests prove their mettle time and time again in being able to engage existing followers while drawing in new customers at the same time. When mapping […]

PR News From PMK, APCO Worldwide And More

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PMK•BNC Promotes Cary Kwok to Sr. Vice President Marketing and communications agency PMK•BNC has made Cary Kwok its new Sr. Vice President of its brand and communication division. Ms. Kwok is a gaming, technology, and children’s content specialist with over a decade of experience in video game PR. She led Nintendo’s Product PR, promoting popular […]