Business Growth Through Advertising

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Advertising is an extremely dynamic field that’s constantly reinventing and evolving so it can easily utilize new tech and media to reach audiences.  Companies have to continuously follow suit. However, growing a business through advertising means understanding the target audience’s values on a … [Read more...]

Creating a Business with a Purpose

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Businesses that have a purpose other than generating profits and economic value for the owners and stakeholders should explain how everyone that’s involved in the business itself, is making a difference. This way, companies are able to give everyone a sense of meaning and get a lot more … [Read more...]

Marketing and Business Growth

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download 2 Business growth and marketing success are both created on plans that deliver great value, and for companies that are looking to achieve that success, they have to gain an understanding of the emerging opportunities and risks, the current environment, the available tools, and their own … [Read more...]

Tips for Personalized Campaigns


Big brands and corporations are long past the point of realizing that they need to invest in personalization and personalized campaigns. Considering the fact that society has moved on from turning into cable TV to Netflix and Spotify instead of the radio, the public craves curated content that … [Read more...]

Privacy and Authenticity Matter


Out of seven different topics, privacy and authenticity emerged as growing concerns among people polled this July by Merkle's global performance marketing agency. Why do these matter? They matter because consumer attitudes have been evolving in large part because of the pandemic. The privacy … [Read more...]

Balanced Equality and Balance Sheets

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The knowledge that COVID-19 vaccines would soon be reaching Americans hasn’t changed concerns about income equality. In fact, a November poll by research firm CivicScience revealed that worries about equality were a concern of 78% of those surveyed, its highest levels of the year to date. That … [Read more...]

Ins And Outs Of Media Coverage

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All businesses and business owners want press coverage. Yet, very few actually understand what it takes to reach out to a journalist and frame a story in a way that will attract the journalist’s and their audience’s attention. When businesses don’t gain media coverage, they have a hard time building … [Read more...]

Digital PR with Content

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These days, practically anyone can become a content creator, which has significantly lowered the barrier to entry, thus making quality content more difficult to find or reach the right people. In the past, all companies had to do was create ads and issue press releases to be able to get media … [Read more...]

Social Media & The Hunt For NYC’s Next Mayor


While some might wish to be spared yet another political fight that will be taking over social media, there is a lot to learn for savvy Pr firms and specialists. So as the opening salvos in the fight for NYC votes begins, let’s take a look at how the top NYC candidates for mayor are utilizing … [Read more...]