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YouTube Marketing Tips

2021-03-16 by Ronn Torossian

A lot of marketers sometimes overlook the potential of marketing on YouTube. While some consider it to be a video platform, others see it as a social media platform, but either way, there are plenty of marketing opportunities there for brands and corporations. The platform can become an even more powerful tool of a company's target audience already on YouTube, considering that there are over two billion users and it's one of the most used platforms in the US and globally. In that regard, it doesn't really matter what digital marketers think the platform is, as long as they take... Read More >

Basics of Creating Key Messages

2021-03-08 by Ronn Torossian
Beaumont communications Lausanne developing key messages

It’s not always easy to communicate with a target audience  to make sure that the company’s point comes across the right way. That’s why businesses develop core messages that they hone and reiterate to the target audience so that people remember those ideas. Whenever a company decides to discuss certain issues, these types of messages can create meaning for the audience. They also provide a way for businesses to control their communication efforts and improve their relationship with the target audience, while also being relevant in PR campaigns. Key messages are an essential tool for businesses and can be used... Read More >

The Future is Online

2021-02-28 by Ronn Torossian

Many consumers who flocked to digital platforms during the pandemic have expressed their intent to stay in cyberspace. Bread, an online retail financing platform, was among the latest to validate this in a survey of more than 600 customers. What can brands do to improve their position in the marketplace and increase their ROI? When the survey was conducted in September 2020, respondents reported spending more online than three months earlier in July. 47.2% added that they anticipate spending more online this year than in 2020. Bread reported that consumer shopping focus has also changed to essentials and products they... Read More >

Essential Tools for Building an Online Presence

2021-02-22 by Ronn Torossian
Online marketing

These days, businesses must have a good online presence, but not all business owners are digital-minded. However, with different technologies and tools, it’s easier to build an online presence for a brand to make a company stand out from the crowd and get consumer’ attention. For business owners that want to get their companies noticed, they have to market and do public relations online and do it in a smart way because, otherwise, the business is like a ship without sails. Planning It’s common for online businesses to have their own social networking app to connect people in the company all the... Read More >

Future of Data, Analytics, and Marketing

2021-02-16 by Ronn Torossian

Analytics and data have become the core of digital PR, marketing, and advertising, which means having the right skills and proficiency in those skills on board leads to business growth and excellent marketing performance. Marketing leaders and their teams have to collect, track, analyze and apply the marketing data and analytics so they can differentiate how the brand’s customers are being engaged on different channels. While we’re still living in uncertain times, analytics and data matter to brands and corporations more than ever. Marketers have to improve the customers’ experiences, increase their brand loyalty, drive acquisition and create growth for... Read More >

Marketing And Developing Website Content

2021-02-08 by Ronn Torossian
earned media marketing

In marketing, most things are about content. Between content being in a brochure, billboard, social media, and the likes, it’s essentially turned into the company’s sales pitch, as long as it’s effective. And the best way to make content effective is through a strong content development plan. With this type of plan, companies can reach a bigger audience with organic publicity, tailor their content for different audiences, establish trust and convert website visitors into loyal paying customers. And with a content plan, the content is going to be shareable, actionable, and well-written, which means the audience is going to be... Read More >

Reviews Are More Important Than Ever

2021-02-01 by Ronn Torossian
reviews ratings 1

On the day after opening night on Broadway, bad reviews often signaled the death knell for a show despite a huge investment of capital and hundreds of hours in rehearsal time by the cast and crew. It’s moot for now because of the pandemic, but for merchants, it’s also caused them to pay more attention to reviews, even more so today, to attract and retain customers. Local merchants, in particular, must be aware and pro-active.  88% of consumers polled this October by digital solution firm Podium said reviews influence their discovery of new businesses. Next to location, price, and personal... Read More >

A New Cloud’s Come Over Us

2021-01-26 by Ronn Torossian

There are hundreds of quotes about clouds, so why should it be any different in marketing? Like those clouds that pass overhead and continually evolve and reshape themselves, cloud marketing, too, has gone through many changes. Most marketers agree that cloud marketing aims to reach consumers where they frequent, whether it’s social media, websites, or email. But from there, one can find many differences in priorities and approach. One of the primary reasons is that historically, many marketers have singular focuses on customer acquisition or management of different forms of engagement. The result is scattered cloud cover. The nucleus of... Read More >

Standing Out From The Crowd

2021-01-18 by Ronn Torossian
default webinar skyline attracting attendees tradeshows 2019 540x540 1

The online marketplace is getting crowded as we speak. The amount of available information online has started making people overwhelmed, to the point where their only choice is to step away from digital platforms and reconsider what’s important to them. This is true for both brands and consumers, and the best way to get around this issue is to stand out from the crowd by creating an original and unique offer that attracts everyone’s attention. Plenty of business owners prefer to follow a previously outlined strategy and only do things as they always have been done, without ever experiencing or... Read More >

Who’s Gen C and Why Are They Important?

2021-01-12 by Ronn Torossian
gen c

While much has been written lately about millennials and Gen Z, often forgotten is Gen C. Unlike its age cohorts, the moniker Gen C was born 20 years ago at the research firm’s Inaugural Consumer 360 Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia. And while the term has taken on different definitions since then, it stands today for connectivity. According to Nielsen, more than 274 million Americans have internet access. This number more than doubled between 2000 and 2011. In addition, social media engagement accounts for more than 81 billion minutes annually.  Since the pandemic, numerous reports and studies showed that traffic on... Read More >

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