Smart Circle University: Face-to-Face Marketing 101

2021-12-22 by Wilson Scott
smartcirclevideo about us holiday 2019

Welcome to Smart Circle University. Today’s focus is on face-to-face marketing, the most important piece of the success puzzle for this team of marketing and sales experts. At Smart Circle University, you will learn quickly that face-to-face sales and marketing initiatives sit at the epicenter of every campaign rolled by the marketing brokerage. In today’s University 101, we will focus on answering the following questions to give you a comprehensive understanding of face-to-face marketing hopefully and how/why Smart Circle uses this specific marketing technique to propel its clients to success: Who is Smart Circle?What is face-to-face marketing?What makes face-to-face marketing... Read More >

Alexei Orlov Talks Brand Fusion

2021-08-16 by Wilson Scott
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According to Alexei Orlov, most brands serve, but only an elite few go beyond. These brands create the trends along with bearing the responsibility of setting them. They serve and reshape. Success and notoriety come because they do more than lead. They transform opinion and reshape the way we think. These truths are told in enduring ways since they understand the necessity to speak in the familiar voice of the everyman. Authority brands create staying power. These transcendent brands become part of the patina of what you know. Do you remember a moment, any moment, where someone was telling you... Read More >

David Milberg’s Five Digital Marketing Tips for Finance Firms

2021-07-21 by Wilson Scott
Marketing Ideas for Financial Services

The digital transformation has fully taken root in most industries in today's modern world. More established businesses from classic sectors like finance or healthcare must learn to embrace current marketing strategies more than ever if they wish to keep pace with their newer, younger competitors. Finally, this needed transformation comes when businesses decide to shift away from cold call marketing and embrace more consumer-targeted and data-driven strategies. A primary point of interest within the financial services world as firms develop their digital business is technology. David Milberg's Digital Marketing for Finance Services Digital marketing for financial firms is not an... Read More >

Veeam Software Possesses Swiss Roots, New US-ownership, and a Head in the Cloud

2021-05-10 by Wilson Scott
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Data security and privacy are essential to run any successful business in today's digital age. Yet, how do we know if our business's data is safe? Complicated processes like on-demand cloud migration, immutability, reliable and consistent backups, workload management, data recovery, and security tool services are all pieces of the Modern Data Protection pie that the right professionals can handle with ease. Collaborating with a leading backup and replication software company is a crucial undertaking that helps you keep current with the safety trends in the market and ensure you have the very best solutions protecting your environment.  The Solution... Read More >

Sinclair Broadcast Group is Streaming Live Content for Local Audiences

2021-02-10 by Wilson Scott

Sinclair Broadcast Group, the national telecommunications company, is doing something that is pretty new to the industry, and it's working out well. The company is providing local content to its viewers via streaming. Sinclair named their platform STIRR, and it is supported with advertising; in this sense, the viewer experience is very similar to traditional television. STIRR was launched in January of 2019, and it began to take off even faster than Sinclair Broadcast Group executives had hoped. Industry analysts say that this trend is likely to continue. The platform has served so far largely as an auxiliary service to... Read More >

TradeUP’s Tools and Features Make Mobile Trading Easy for Everyone

2021-01-26 by Wilson Scott

TradeUP is a powerful and easy-to-use mobile trading app that allows you to control your stock market investments even with a full schedule, especially if you are a first-timer. Through Marsco Investment Corp, TradeUP offers investment securities products like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and ETFs, as well as brokerage assistance. You’ll have an edge when trading on TradeUP with FREE advanced tools that include 40+ indicators, one-tap access financials, and real-time quotes. The TradeUP platform emphasizes in-the-moment market updates and easy-to-use features that enable you to decipher market trends and improve your investment portfolio on the daily. TradeUP’s grab bag... Read More >

mDesign and Keystone Teach Tiny Living to Get You RV Road Trip Ready

2021-01-06 by Wilson Scott
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If you're ready to break away from sticks and bricks living, be aware that downsizing and organization are critical for your comfort and satisfaction in your new home on wheels. Accomplishing that task can mean repurposing items, defining zones for your different activities, and working out a way to cook, sleep, work and relax all in one small spot. These and other tiny living lifestyle hacks are the focus of a new collaboration between home design and organization retailer mDesign and top-selling RV manufacturer, Keystone RV Company. The Zones You Need: Dining and Working Even if you're retired, you'll need... Read More >

Sinclair Broadcast Group Hires Former Yes Network Executive as New CMO

2020-12-11 by Wilson Scott
john zeigler sinclair twocolumncontent

John Zeigler - Sinclair Broadcast Group CMO The Sinclair Broadcast Group has been moving forward with its latest new appointment following an expansion of the group's executive team. The latest addition to the company is the veteran marketing executive, John Zeigler who brings more than two decades of experience to the company. The new executive at Sinclar was most recently a member of the executive team at the Yes Network where his innovative approach to broadcasting has changed the profile of the broadcaster. Sinclair Broadcast Group is an Expanding Company Sinclair Broadcast Group has been looking to expand its management... Read More >

mDesign Home Decor’s Amazon Marketplace Expansion Plan Catches Attention

2020-09-22 by Wilson Scott
mDesign home decor

mDesign - Solutions with Style Did you know that the Amazon Marketplace worldwide sees two new sellers entering the arena every minute? In 2019 alone, Amazon’s 16 worldwide marketplaces saw an additional 1.2 million new third-party sellers join the ranks bringing Amazon’s total active sellers to a whopping 3 million. Of that 3 million, only 10,000 Amazon sellers saw their sales reach beyond that $1 million threshold, only two percent of the marketplace.  Amazon Marketplace’s popularity in all 16 countries is rising, and most brands do not have the business acumen to keep apace with Amazon’s fluid expansion process. Yet,... Read More >

Clinc, a Pioneer in Conversational AI

2020-08-24 by Wilson Scott
clinc ceo

Clinc AI The scientific field of artificial intelligence is rapidly growing with new technology created and its use expanding into every industry on the list. As AI developers across the globe continue to see consistent breakthroughs with deepened, more specific research and improved understanding, artificial intelligence and its various forms of human-replicating technology have no other choice but to effortlessly weave its way into more and more aspects of our daily lives.  Clinc, the Ann Arbor-based A.I. startup, is expanding the applications of conversational artificial intelligence across the financial sector, not only in the United States but over the world.... Read More >

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