mDesign’s Amazon Marketplace Expansion Plan Catches Attention

mDesign home decor

Did you know that the Amazon Marketplace worldwide sees two new sellers entering the arena every minute? In 2019 alone, Amazon’s 16 worldwide marketplaces saw an additional 1.2 million new third-party sellers join the ranks bringing Amazon’s total active sellers to a whopping 3 million. Of that 3 million, only 10,000 Amazon sellers saw their […]

Clinc, a Pioneer in Conversational Artificial Intelligence

clinc ceo

The scientific field of artificial intelligence is rapidly growing with new technology created and its use expanding into every industry on the list. As AI developers across the globe continue to see consistent breakthroughs with deepened, more specific research and improved understanding, artificial intelligence and its various forms of human-replicating technology have no other choice […]

Infinite CBD: A Company Profile

Infinite CBD is an up-and-coming single source CBD company strategically located in Lakewood, Colorado. The start-up utilizes its own chemical-free local hemp farm and industry-leading refinement to produce some of the purest CBD (Cannabidiol) isolates available on the market today. The young company uses only their farm’s locally sourced hemp to produce the base ingredient […]

A Professional Overview of RB Milestone Group’s Ryan Brucato

ryan brucato

RB Milestone Group founder and serial entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, Ryan Brucato, was born to help companies grow. Capital markets appealed to him starting at a very young age. In fact, Mr. Brucato started trading stock when he was 12 years old through a Schwab custodial account that his father helped him set up. As […]

Public Relations RFP Issued By Alabama Department of Corrections

The purpose of this procurement is to establish a contract for public relations and marketing services to be provided in conjunction with and under the direction of, the ADOC Public Information Office (“PIO”). Background: This Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) Administrative Regulation (AR) establishes responsibilities, policies, and procedures for governing background investigations. Today’s Department offers […]

Bucksport Issues Marketing RFP

The Town of Bucksport is seeking the services of a full-service marketing firm to undertake a town-wide comprehensive marketing and branding plan that considers residents & potential residents, current & future businesses, developers, and visitors from Maine & beyond. Background: The Town of Bucksport, which was founded in 1792, is a coastal community in Hancock […]


In order to fully understand and appreciate the efforts of Hamed Wardak, as a futuristic Paul Harvey might have said before his famous radio stories rather than afterward, “Now you’ll know the rest of the story.” One of Wardak’s latest ventures is in the area of techno music and his group called Valen of Wicked.  […]

Boosting Your Independent Marketing Profile


The beautiful thing about working in the marketing industry is that it allows for flexibility and creativity. In many cases, a marketer can work solo and maintain a roster of clients, allowing for a more flexible work-life balance and lifestyle. But marketing is an industry that’s always changing, so it’s important that marketers are willing […]

Geothermal Resources Council Issues Marketing RFP


The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) is seeking proposals for assistance with developing our marketing plan, promotional materials, and website. The GRC has the vision to raise the recognition and acceptance of geothermal energy across society. We have focused our vision on a strategy to connect with local people and companies on the ground in our […]