Public Relations Professionals & Firms To Avoid

2015-08-28 by Jason Tannahill

Bad Public Relations

Here are some public relations pros and firms which we cannot in good faith recommend…

Polmos Bielsko-Biala Public Relations

Project SP in Poland

Vodka will always have its place in the world. The Polish leading producer of vodka, hover, has learned not everything should be paired with their alcoholic beverage. Polmos Bielsko-Biala, who producers Extra Zytnia is under scrutiny is week as their PR firm decided to rehash a popular 1982 photo causing controversy .

The black and white image shows a person recently shot in the head during anti-communist protesting. Extra Zytnia made public apologies and fired their PR firm Project SP, who came up with the tasteless advertisement. Vodka may be generally odorless and taste-less, but this was not the way to portray that description.

Justine Sacco Public RelationsJustine Sacco

Justine Sacco, ex-head of corporate communications for Barry Diller’s InterActive Corp, got the ax after making racial slurs that went viral on Twitter. Sacco was on her way to Africa and before boarding her flight made an offhand comment – which saw her life changed by the time she landed.

By the time she landed in Africa, a crowd waited for her to disembark so they could take pictures while she read the text from her employer that she was fired. She’s on the long road to recovery – but one wonders if she can ever make it back to where she was. It’s a hard one to recover from.

Anthony Weiner MWW PR

Anthony Weiner

Weiner, recently hired by MWW PR Group shall never overcome his public failings. Imagine hiring him to help you manage public relations issues? It’s a hard thing to imagine, and one which leaves people wondering what the major independent PR firm was thinking?

The recent word about this politician only strengthens the common disdain people have regarding him. Anthony Weiner displayed poor etiquette this time (technically, the previous issue could be classified as that too). One comment, in particular, was a #BlindSquirrels statement that targeted the right of same-sex marriages. We’ll hesitate to mention he also dropped the F-bomb during his rant about the Supreme Court.

A columnist,Kate Bennet got into a discussion with Mr. Weiner after retweeting his post with a question. Things escalated until Weiner sent her a private message admitting to poor Twitter communications skills. Uh, duh.

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